How To Rock at DIY Art Projects

Author: Alecia Pirulis

How To Rock At DIY Art Projects

Home decor, design, and DIY projects can be fun, but in order for your upcoming project to be a success it’s important to make sure you have all the parts in place! This week, we’ve got some crafty tips and tricks to share with you! Thanks to some amazing Pinterest posts, we discovered a few bloggers and pinners whose DIY art projects are just the kind of inspiration you need to get your weekend craft project off the ground.

As prescribed by super savvy DIY guru,, we agree that abstract can go with just about anything! If you’re in a serious pinch for some color, texture, or pop, don’t hesitate to stop by your nearest art supply store and pick up a few canvases, paints, and pencils.

Helpful Tips & Tricks: Grab a blow dryer after applying paint to create whimsical wavy flow patterns!

When all else fails, simple is better. When it comes creating a text-heavy piece, everything from size, font, and alignment can add dramatic impact to the overall feel of your room.

Helpful Tips & Tricks: The larger the poster the better! Before starting your project decide on what words or phrases you want represented in your piece. For added success, try utilizing a ruler and stencils to help proportion your font and alignment. Finally, pick out an appropriate hanging method. Colored tape, tacks, and hooks can all add different but equally eye-appeasing effects!

Stacking small canvases can be a great way to add depth and dimension to any room. Pick 6-8 frames and 2-3 colors for your project. When getting ready to hang, separate each canvas into equal horizontal columns and stack accordingly.

Helpful Tips & Tricks: When picking your colors, go for complimentary colors. If you are looking for more separation, try picking a darker neutral. If you are looking for more openness, try going with a light neutral color. does a fantastic job displaying the awesome benefits of painters’ tape! Successfully demystifying the “How Too” process of DIY contempo-chic art, this blogger provides helpful tips and tricks.

Helpful Tips and Tricks: Painter’s tape, painter’s tape, painter’s tape!

The truth is, you too can make your apartment home look like a million bucks… on a budget. Blogger site helps confirm just that! As demonstrated by this piece – when working with tone-on-tone action, try utilizing various shades within the same family ( think 50 shades of plum).

Helpful Tips and Tricks: The bigger the canvas the better! Try utilizing mediums like oils vs. watercolors or acrylics. When primed and dried, hang close to a window, but not directly in the way of sunlight. This will help liven up your room while also protecting your painting from getting sun-washed.

Try picking up a fairly large horizontal canvas, post-its, tacks, yellow acrylic paint, clear sealant, and varnish. Paint canvas with yellow paint, let semi-dry, apply post-its in random sequence, and pin to canvas with tacks. Let sit and apply clear varnish!

This blog has great ideas on creating art with re-purposed wood. There’s nothing better than creating awesome art while also being environmentally responsible!

Helpful Tips & Tricks: Try reaching out to your local scrap yard or tree-cutting companies. You may just find that special piece of wood you’ve been looking for!

Sometimes something as simple as a symbol can speak volumes! A white canvas, some gold paint, and an infinity symbol — simple, easy, and yet it makes your space pop with personality!

Helpful Tips & Tricks: Once painted, try positioning your art piece on a table instead of hanging it on the wall. Add books and candles, leaving the artwork as the centerpiece of a modern display.

Bedroom and living room art is pretty easy to come up with. What’s not always quite as easy is kitchen art. has fantastic examples of cute, attractive art for  your kitchen. Easy to create, design elements like a white distressed frame and upholstered inlay are effortless ways to create a statement around simple wooden spoons.