Decorating Your Apartment in 2014

Author: Alecia Pirulis


orchidApartment dwellers often feel left out of the decorating trends. Painting isn’t always possible, and small spaces aren’t conducive to the trending furniture styles and tchotchkes. But 2014 is the year of the apartment! Well, sort of — light-colored walls and vintage furniture are back in a big way, allowing apartment renters to get in on the “it” looks — without requesting painting privileges or trying to stuff oversized, ornate pieces into tiny rooms.

Walls are being kept light for a reason – vibrant, intense, knock-your-socks-off color will be everywhere else: pillows, blankets, curtains, painted furniture, wall hangings, and accessories. Pantone’s color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a vivid shade of purple. And accompanying this bold color are other equally bold colors: Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Dazzling Blue, and Freesia.

Getting the look is easy: on your neutral-toned, quietly sophisticated couch, add bright red cayenne pillows paired with bold freesia – a fiery shade of yellow. Find some orange candlesticks (or paint that pair you found at that yard sale last summer) to add to your coffee table, and toss a throw blanket in a floral or global-inspired print over a chair and voila! Hello, 2014!

Bright, bold colors will be balanced by classic pieces. Hints of neoclassical (think columns and busts) will work their way in, as well as some Egyptian-inspired and Asian-inspired trends. Don’t overdo it – a hint of these trends will go a long way. Choose the look that inspires you and then add it in a subtle way – such as with a throw rug or vase.

DIY is huge, thanks to sites such as Pinterest. And while you probably won’t be able to build a bookcase in your apartment living room, you can paint a picture frame or give that old table you found an updated look with some stenciling and new hardware.

Speaking of hardware, be on the lookout for items with nail-head trim – this classic look is showing up in a big way. Brass and copper will be the go-to metals, replacing the oiled bronze, brushed nickel, and gold that has dominated the decorating scene for so long. These are especially trendy when paired with wood.

When searching for wall art and patterns, look for geometric shapes, such as hexagons. Feathers and tropical leaves will also be cropping up in 2014 – look for them on printed fabrics and on accessories. And if you have been using outdoor furniture in your apartment for budget reasons or because you haven’t been able to find a couch to fit your space, don’t move a thing — you’re right in style for 2014! Outdoor furniture (and even traditionally outdoor fabrics) will be finding their way indoors.

And finally – glam up your kitchen! This often-overlooked space is getting the royal treatment in 2014, and you can borrow from the trends to add some “spice” to your kitchen. Look for items that are elegant and extravagant – and things you might not traditionally think of in a kitchen, such as a chandelier.