How to Design a Stylish Bachelor Pad

Author: Lauren Ross

Interior modern design loft with black sofa 3D rendering

You see an airy, modest living space but your guests see a bare apartment. Most bachelor pads are supplied with just a few of the basics, such as a sofa, television, Xbox, microwave, mattress, and a futon. You see your bachelor’s pad as practical, but lacking the functionality, comfortability, and entertaining qualities that a true bachelor space delivers. Designing a stylish, ergonomic bachelor pad doesn’t have to be hard work. Here’s what you do:

Finding the right, functional furniture that reflects your personal style is a great way to update the apartment. Because the living room is the area where everyone convenes for chatting, drinking games, video games, and binge watching Netflix’s House of Cards, it’s the perfect spot to begin re-decorating. First thing first: ditch the futon. A large sofa or sectional is the way to go since they create more seating space for visitors. Wayfair is a great site to shop for sofas because they have a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from – plus, it ships straight to your apartment home.

While browsing sofas online, look for bar stools and accent chairs. Having extra seating is a must for bachelor’s that are entertaining guests inside their home. A sleek, modern coffee table in the center of the living room makes for a sophisticated focal point. While a plush blanket and rug adds a touch of softness to a manly space.

Your home is YOUR home, so of course you should be able to show off your most prized possessions. Trinkets, a rockin’ music collection, action figures, and memorabilia deserve a place in the spotlight. Floating shelves and contemporary book cases are ideal for displaying your favorite items and greatest achievements. Framed film posters and album covers will add elegance in the form of art to your man cave. Your bachelor pad is your place to call home, so make sure it’s decorated to your personal taste.

The color scheme you go with in your bachelor pad can take the apartment from blah…to awesome! A typical rule-of-thumb for interior decorating is this: darker colors tend to make the room feel smaller, while neutral and warm hues make the space larger and more inviting. To break up the cold sensation of a darker room, use neutral or warm –or both- accent textiles. These contrasting colors will help to brighten and lift the space. If you prefer to use neutral and warm tones in your bachelor’s suite, adding bold accessories and window treatments can help balance the room. The most popular color for a bachelor’s pad is blue, but color choice is totally up to you!