Do-It-Yourself Window Treatments

Author: Alecia Pirulis


The boxes are emptied, the dishes are put away, and you’ve decorated your new apartment with great furniture and accessories. So, what’s on your windows? If you haven’t really considered them, now is the time to do so – the windows accentuate the room with their architectural detail, their views, and the light that creates pattern and movement as it passes through the windows and into the room. While you don’t want to block them completely, you do want to add some cover for privacy. Your windows are an important part of the room – be sure your window treatments add color and detail to your apartment décor.

Curtains don’t have to be expensive or difficult. Consider using fabric shower curtains and decorative rings – they will look just as good in front of your window and they are much less expensive than curtain panels. Instead of rings, you can also attach the curtain with ribbon, strips of fabric, or even rope for a nautical look. Tablecloths also make great curtains – just find rings that clip and hang them from the curtain rod.

Consider using fabric that shows off your personality. For example, if you love baseball, consider stringing pennants together to make a curtain. Or, if you love the vintage look, consider using antique tea towels as café curtains in your kitchen window. If you live in an apartment and there are the standard mini blinds on the windows, you can still add some style with an inexpensive swag – find some fabric that complements your room, pick up some fusible bonding web from the fabric store, and find a curtain rod. It doesn’t have to be new – find one at a thrift store or yard sale, paint it a bold color, and it will look great. Along the edges of the fabric, use the bonding strips to make seams. Put the curtain rod on the wall above the blinds, and drape the fabric over the rod.

If you don’t want to use fabric, try hanging beads, strips of ribbon, using peel-and-stick decals on the window panes, or even use squares of scrapbook paper. Find a pattern of paper you like at the craft store. Put two sheets back-to-back, printed side out. Cover the sheets with clear contact paper. Cut off the excess contact paper and then hang using clip rings and a tension rod. You can also use small squares of paper in different patterns – simply use a hole punch and fish line to attach the squares together, creating a long “string” of papers. Attach a clip ring to the top square. Repeat this until you have several “strings” hanging, covering your window.

Even if you can’t sew or aren’t particularly crafty, you can add beauty to your windows with very little effort and not a lot of cash. So go ahead and dress up those windows!