Dog-Friendly Activities You and Your Pup Can Do Together

Author: Lauren Ross


Pet parents love coming home from a long day of work to find their dog greeting them at the front door! The tail wag and puppy kisses are undeniably sweet, and pet parents just can’t get enough of a dog’s unconditional love.

When renters that have dogs are gone for long periods of time, it can be challenging to keep a canine preoccupied throughout the day. Even when you leave chew toys and treats out for them to play with, animals can still get into mischief. I know first-hand; I once came home to a bald faux houseplant thanks to my Dutch shepherd –the only thing left was the tree trunk.

After I come home, I make sure to take her to the on-site community dog park so she can burn off some energy. There are however, plenty of other activities you and your pup can do together now that the weather has warmed up.

Here are some dog-friendly activities you can do with your puppy outside of the apartment home.

Go on a hiking trip

Hiking the great outdoors is an excellent way to bond with your pet while staying actively fit. I like to take my dog for a walk on the nearby greenway, but occasional we’ll take a trip to the North Georgia Mountains for a hiking excursion. Look for trailheads near your apartment community that are welcoming to dogs, and be sure to pack plenty of water so you and the dog stay hydrated.

Make time for a play date at the dog park

An afternoon at the dog park –or even thirty minutes- is a great way for your pup to exercise and build socialization skills with the other pets! Many cities offer off-leash dog parks that have large green spaces, agility courses, and fountains to keep your canine cool and active for hours!

Shop with your pup

Maybe your dog needs a new collar, or has earned a new toy? Instead of running to the pet store solo, take your puppy with you! Many pet stores and boutiques welcome animals with gourmet treats and belly rubs – what’s not to love?

Attend a doggy social event

No matter where you reside, there’s something happening around you that’s pet-friendly. You’ll find a lot of dogs on the patios of local breweries with their owners since most breweries are pet-friendly. Maybe the apartment complex hosts a monthly “yappy hour” for residents and their dogs? If so, this social event is a fantastic way for you to meet fellow residents who also have pups in the neighborhood. The website MeetUp provides a platform where pet parents can find organized puppy play dates around where they live.

Schedule a beach day

Soft, white-sand beaches are the perfect place to take a dog to stretch its legs on a sunny day. If you don’t live near an ocean, take your pup out to a nearby creek or lake. Whether you take a stroll side by side along the waves or toss a Frisbee in a game of fetch, spending a day at the beach with your dog is something you both will enjoy doing together. Check out Pet-Friendly Travel for a list of beaches that welcome pets.

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