Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Stripe Shower Curtain - Feather Gray

Stripe Shower Curtain – Feather Gray (Photo credits: West Elm)

Tile floors, porcelain everything, chrome, granite – there’s no way around it: bathrooms are naturally cold. As temperatures begin to tumble, does your bathroom give you chills? Don’t shiver from now until June – warm your bathroom up! Here’s how:

Find some big, warm towels. Think thick, fluffy, and oversized bath towels in fall colors: rust, gold, red, and orange. Splurge a little and get the fancy organic cotton set that caught your eye or the ones with the luxurious silk blend.

Invest in a towel warmer. You can find a free-standing towel warmer or one that attaches to the wall. While both are fine, the free-standing one is ideal for an apartment bathroom if you have the floor space. It is portable and you won’t have to put extra holes in the wall. Look for one that is also energy-efficient so you don’t see a jump in your electric bill.

If your apartment community allows you to paint, try giving your bathroom walls a makeover. A rich, warm color (one that complements your new towels) will make your bathroom feel cozy.

Add some rugs. Look for plush, oversized rugs with a thick pile. Put one just outside the shower and one by the sink. Not only do rugs pamper your bare feet, they add a nice texture to your space.

Get a fabric shower curtain. A substantial, heavy fabric curtain will help retain the heat while you are in the shower and will add a sense of coziness to your bathroom. (Be sure to use a plastic liner and keep the fabric curtain away from water.)

Light some candles. Candles give off ambient light, which will soften and warm your bathroom. (Be careful – never leave candles unattended and make sure they are placed away from anything that could catch fire. Extinguish your candles before leaving!)

Bring in the outdoors. Natural elements in your bathroom – woven baskets, a bench sculpted from a tree trunk, a steam-loving bromeliad in a clay pot – are not only beautiful, but these natural elements will add a rich texture to your bathroom.

Borrow some ideas from the spa. Luxurious touches – bath salts, specialty soaps, and potpourri — will make your bathroom feel more like a spa retreat. Don’t forget the big, fluffy robe! Add a hook within reach of the shower to keep it where you need it.

Cut the clutter! Get rid of everything you don’t need – especially outdated makeup, expired medications, old perfume, etc. Put what you do need in baskets on a shelf or in a cabinet. And while you want a few decorative items, this is a small space – don’t overdo it. One small vase filled with shells or decorative bamboo, for example, is enough.