Christmas Decor Storage Solutions for an Effortless Clean-Up

Author: Lauren Ross

Xmas Ornaments In A Box With Path

All is calm in the apartment. Santa is back up north, the in-laws are pulling out of the parking lot and the gifts have all been distributed to their proper place. Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for the dreaded Christmas cleanup. In my house, it’s always a safe bet that you can find someone eager to help put up the decorations, but when it comes to taking them down… no one can be found. To make it easier on you, here are a few worldly suggestions to make storing, even the most difficult of décor, easy and effortless.

Garland: Garland is a very festive holiday decoration to put up around the apartment. It makes a great focal point when it’s decked-out on the fireplace mantle or draped along the outside balcony. For easy storage of this delicate décor, simply drape it over your arm to avoid a tangled mess and coil it neatly inside a clear or clearly marked storage container. Before you bring it down, mark or tag the areas of garland that get strung up. This will make decorating a lot easier next year.

Lights: There are many wonderful lights during the Christmas season such as, twinkle lights, icicle lights, retro lights, and more. However, when it’s time to bring them down, boxing lights can be tedious and difficult. Instead of trying to cram every strand back into the tiny boxes, try these simple Christmas storage solutions for an effortless cleanup.

  • Wrap a strand of lights around a sheet of cardboard, cutting slits at each end, to secure the plugs.
  • Wrap lights and use zip ties to hold the cords together, and then place in a zip lock bag.
  • Wrap lights around a hanger.
  • Purchase a light spool. They may require a little spending, but they can fit up to 100 feet of Christmas lights.

Wreath: Because of a wreath’s size and shape, it can be particularly difficult to store. Wreaths need proper storage so they won’t flatten and fall apart. For a simple at-home storage solution, try covering a wreath in a garbage or dry-cleaning bag and hang in a closet. Another option would be a storage bag specifically for wreaths. These are very low cost and great for keeping your wreaths perky and dust-free.

Ornaments: Some ornaments come individually wrapped, while others are compacted into a box of 50. Throughout the years, boxes can become dingy due to wear-and-tear. If this happens, try a segmented card board box. These handy organizational boxes allow you to fit multiple ornaments and stack for easy storage. You can purchase these boxes or make one yourself.