What is Feng Shui and How Can it Help My Apartment?

Author: Apartment Finder  

feng shui

Apartment living comes with its own set of challenges, even when it comes to how you decide to decorate your home. You may have heard of Feng Shui but have never really known exactly what it is. Let’s just sum it up as an ancient Chinese theory that believes how you place certain things and objects to positively control the energy flow in a particular environment can influence your wellbeing and success. Most people mistakenly assume Feng Shui is only used in houses, but you can make your apartment living situation a beautiful, comfortable home with positive energy flow, too. Here are some useful tips to get you started:

Consider the Element of Water

The water element in Feng Shui is said to bring a calm and refreshing energy, as well as good luck. If you apartment is situated by a natural body of water, like a lake or ocean, or if it’s located by the community pool, fountain or pond, you’re already in an advantageous position. If not, a small indoor fountain, aquarium or fish tank will work just as well.

Focus on Proper Lighting

Energy is the primary focus of Feng Shui, and light is the essence of energy. In order to improve emotional responses and to have maximum visibility in an apartment living scenario, you must have various sources of light, especially natural light if possible. Avoid harsh lighting, such as fluorescent light bulbs. Aim for calm, soft and relaxing sources of light, and utilize color by adding vibrantly colored decor to your apartment.

Get Organized

It seems easy enough, but decluttering is one of the most challenging steps in introducing Feng Shui into your home. But if you’re serious about developing harmony in your home, tidying up and getting rid of unnecessary items is crucial. You may hold onto certain things for sentimental value, but if it doesn’t serve a purpose, you need to throw it away, donate it or even sell it.

Whether you know it or not, Feng Shui is present in your life at any given time. The energy of an environment influences how you act and think, so how you set up your furniture and decor while apartment living determines the fortune of your personal energy flow. If you value your personal and professional success, as well as your mental and physical health, there’s no harm in giving Feng Shui a shot!