Food Guide: 4 Superfoods of the 2016 New Year

Author: Lauren Ross


Happy New Year! 2016 is sure to be a great one, full of new beginnings. A healthy lifestyle is a fantastic goal to accomplish this year, and what can make it that much better is when you get your family involved, too. Kick old habits to the curb and start the year off right! You can create the lifestyle you want right in your apartment by tossing out processed foods and snacks with high sugar and sodium content.

Replace junk food with nutrient-rich foods to maintain a healthy home. Superfoods provide a great source of nutrients and health benefits. Below are four 2016 superfoods to try so you can stick out your New Year’s resolution.

Banana Flour

Banana flour is a unique, tasty alternative to wheat flour. Made from dehydrated green bananas, banana flour is rich in potassium and gluten-free. With its high density of resistant starch, banana flour has shown to support the digestive tract and to lower blood sugar. For a health kick, add the flour to baked goods, dressings, and blended smoothies!


Sushi lovers rejoice! Kelp (seaweed) is one of this year’s superfoods! This underwater plant is becoming widely recognized for its energy-boosting properties. Iodine is prevalent in kelp, and helps with the production of thyroid hormones that regulate the metabolism. Kelp is also a large source of calcium and disease-fighting antioxidants, and can be purchased in many forms – including powder, cooked, raw, as well as supplements.

Black Rice

“Forbidden rice” as it’s also called, originated from ancient China, where it was only served to Chinese royalty and noblemen because of its rarity. Today, you can find it on grocery store shelves at Whole Foods. Compared to brown rice, black rice has more Vitamin E, which helps to maintain and support the body’s immune system. Besides being low calorie, low sugar, and high in fiber, black rice was found to have more anthocyanin antioxidants than blueberries, according to a study by LSU Agricultural Center.


The lucuma, which looks like an avocado and mango hybrid, is a sweet Peruvian fruit that contains amazing healing abilities. With a taste described as a caramelized sweet potato, lucuma is widely used as a healthy sweetener for baking and making juice. It contains beta carotene, which has been revealed to have positive health perks for the heart and skin. Large quantities of zinc, calcium, and iron – minerals that the body needs to function – are also found in lucuma.

Which 2016 superfoods will you be using in your next home-cooked meal? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!