Football Fun for Everyone

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Puppy with Football

Sleepy Puppy with Football (Photo credit: ThisIsNotApril)

Your apartment is set: pizza and wings purchased, football-themed decorations done, and a fridge stocked with drinks and snacks. You’ve arranged the couch and chairs to face your television and now all you have to do is wait for your guests to arrive. But, wait – what about those guests who inevitably show up not because they want to watch the game, but because they don’t want to be left out of your party?

I have a small but reliable group of friends and family who couldn’t care less about football – and yet, they show up at my house every year on the pretense of watching the Big Game, but really they’re there for the company (and possibly the food). Here’s how to make sure everyone has fun at your party, even those who aren’t necessarily there to watch football:

Tune in to the commercials. On Monday, there will be talk of the big plays, the interceptions, and the missed calls – but many will also be discussing the commercials. The ads during the Super Bowl are almost as anticipated as the game, and usually they live up to the hype. So, make things even more interesting by playing Super Bowl Commercial Bingo! Print some bingo cards and then check the Internet for a list of the commercials that will air Sunday night. Fill in the squares with slightly obscure things your friends will have to watch for during the commercials. For example: “a sudsy celebrity” or “a pig in a headset.” Make sure each card is unique.

Your guests will watch the commercials and cover the square if they see the item in the commercial listed in one of their squares. You can list several things across different cards from one commercial. For example, the commercial with the pig in the headset also contains a flying giraffe, a baby penguin, and a baby in a space suit. Don’t be surprised if your football-fanatic guests want in on this game, too! You can play for fun or offer prizes for the bingo winners.

Watch for football clichés. You’ve heard them: “execute those plays,” “stick to the game plan,” “dominate the line of scrimmage,” “establish a running game,” “marching down the field,” “took it all the way,” “orchestrate a comeback,” “get his head in the game,” “he owned the pocket,” “he was wide open,” “the ball was just hanging there …” you get the idea.

You can play this game two ways. It can be played as a drinking game, with everyone taking a drink when they hear a cliché. (If there will be drinking at your party, please make sure those drinking have a designated driver to take them home!) Or, get a football and play the classic game of “hot potato.” Every time you hear a cliché, the football gets passed to the next person. The person holding the football at the end of the game is the winner.

Have fun with the score. Draw a 10×10 grid on a large board or sheet of paper. Put one team across the top and the other team along the side. Have your guests choose a predetermined number of squares (based on the number of guests) and fill those squares with their name. At the end of each quarter, take the last digit of each team’s score (so for a score of 14 and 7, use the 4 and 7) and find where they intersect on the grid. The person in that square wins a prize.

Keep tabs on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl! If you prefer your football players cute, fuzzy, and four-legged, this is the game you should be watching on Sunday. The Puppy Bowl includes a Kitty Halftime Show to make sure you suffer from acute cuteness overload. Put this on in another room and the guests who don’t want to watch the game can keep tabs on puppies, instead! (You can keep the sound low and it won’t interfere with the actual game – well, except for the constant “aw, how cute!” you’ll hear.)

It is possible to keep all of your guests entertained and watch the game, so don’t hesitate to invite those non-football-fan friends and family over on Sunday.