Free Apps to Keep You on Track of New Year’s Resolutions

Author: Lauren Ross

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January 1st marks the official start of self-improvement boot camp for many people across the globe. It’s a chance to kick old habits and start anew. When planning New Year’s resolutions, perseverance and dedication is a must when staying fully committed. However, the main struggle most Americans have when it comes to resolutions is sticking with them past January. According to research conducted by the University of Scranton, of the 45% of Americans that make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% actually succeed in their goal. Many people fall off track because of low commitment to change or making intangible goals.  To help you see your goals through to the end, these free apps allow users to track progressions and stay motivated all on a mobile platform.

Health and Weight Loss Resolutions


Fooducate: For those who are making it their goal to eat healthier, this app has all the right tools. Fooducate is an app that allows users to instantly view nutritional information, additives, and healthier alternatives of a product by scanning the UPC code. Fooducate rates these products by letter grades conducted through an integrated algorithm. For example, the more natural and less processed a product is, the higher the grade. If a product has no barcode to scan, the consumer can search for it in the browse section of the app and save it for future reference. This app is ideal for users who are counting calories to lose weight or for those who are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle.

RunKeeper: Runkeeper is a mega tool to track and improve fitness all from your smartphone. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track distance of daily fitness activities such as walking, running, and bicycling. The user can create training strategies or use the app’s preloaded plan to meet goals while coached through a digital audio cue. You can view stats, chart weight loss, sync other fitness/health apps, and share your success with others via social media.

Lifestyle Resolutions


StickK: and the StickK app are designed to help you set goals and achieve them. When you sign up, you’re bound by a commitment contract to see your goals to the end whether it’s weight loss, quit smoking, watch less television etc. The app allows you to set your own deadlines and add monetary incentives to help you achieve those goals.

Quizlet: If improving grades is at the top of your resolution list, then Quizlet is the app to get. Quizlet is a free app that allows users to set up quizzes and study aides to help improve academic performance. This app is great for users who also want to enhance their knowledge by learning a foreign language, musical instrument, or an advanced skill. The user can build knowledge through personal flash cards or collect information from others studying the same subject.

Financial Resolutions


FlexScore: Time to talk money management. FlexScore is an innovative tool to help users with personal financial management while acquiring the knowledge to be fiscally sound. What makes this app unique is each user is given a FlexScore between 0-1,000 based on several factors including savings, debts, retirements, investments, and more. Users are given an on-going analysis of their buying behavior and users can compare their financial situation to others in their age group. The FlexScore goal to reach is a score of 1,000, in which you are deemed financial independent.

Mint: Manage and organize your bills all in one place with the Mint app. Users can set budgets, track spending, pay bills, and manage taxes. The app allows users to check their credit score totally free. Mint will analyze all your accounts and activity, then make recommendations to grow your finances so you can become more financially independent.