From Here to April

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Even though it is the shortest month of the year, February feels like the longest. It’s cold (usually), the holidays are now just memories, and even football season is coming to an end. If, like me, you tend to want to hibernate from now until spring, here are some suggestions to make the rest of the winter fun:

Plan a month-long bedroom renovation. First, get some inspiration. Then, decide on your budget. Finally, set a deadline. Now, you have an excuse to go shopping … craft stores, flea markets, boutiques, discount stores, antique shops … you’ll need paint, new window treatments, new bedding, new pillows, possibly even new furniture. Use this renovation as an excuse to rearrange furniture, get rid of the clutter, and get organized. If you make your deadline for the end of the month, February will be over before you know it.

Plan a trip. Now is a great time to travel! You’ll find fewer crowds and great deals. Orlando, for example, is currently in the high 70s and low 80s. And, since kids are still in school, the theme parks are less crowded than during the summer months. Or, if you enjoy winter and can’t seem to find it this year (here in Atlanta it is a downright balmy 68 degrees – well above average), head to Idaho! Many ski resorts, such as Sun Valley, offer special packages and discounts in February and March. With high temperatures around 30 degrees and low temperatures in the single digits, you’ll have perfect weather for snow tubing, skiing, snowshoeing, and even sleigh rides.

Form a group. It can be a book club, a game night, movie night – no matter what you enjoy doing, you’re sure to find friends with similar interests. Get a group of 12 together and form a Bunco club. Or set up a weekly a card game. Once you have an activity, plan a schedule. If you plan a once-a-month get-together, decide who will host and when (you, as the organizer, should host first). The night should consist of the activity, snacks, drinks, and possibly prizes.

Take a class. If you’ve always wanted to take yoga or zumba, or learn how to sculpt, or speak a foreign language, or brush up on a work-related skill … now is a great time to get started! Don’t know where to begin? Start by checking with your city’s website, local recreation centers, your local library, and a nearby community college or university campus.

Celebrate! Even if you typically don’t go all-out for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, plan something fun this year. Arrange to spend the weekend at a historic bed and breakfast for Valentine’s Day, or plan a trip to Savannah to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

After the get-togethers, twinkling lights, crowded stores, and hustle of the past few months, February can seem a little dreary. Don’t let the frosty mornings and the way-too-early nightfall get you down – it will be spring soon!