Fun Kitchen Gadgets (You’ll Actually Use)

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Tea Bee

Tea Bee (Photo credit: garrettc)

Sometimes, you just don’t know how much you’ve missed something until you’ve actually discovered it. For example, I’ve lived for (ahem) decades without IKEA’s milk frother. My sister (who has two – one she actually uses and one she has hidden away as a backup in case of a frother emergency) recently introduced me to this wonderful gadget, which for less than five bucks has turned my kitchen into my very own fancy coffee house. This made me wonder what other kitchen gadgets I really need (and just haven’t found yet).

The Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker: This little gadget spins both hard candies and sugar into cotton candy. Imagine: a handful of your favorite hard candies being spun into candy floss on a stick. And you don’t even have to wait for the carnival! This little gadget is cute with its antique look and will fit on the countertop. Therefore, it is going on my “want” list.

On those days when you want to grill but you also don’t want to leave your apartment for the communal picnic area, the George Foreman grill is perfect. This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets – it is easy to use, easy to clean, and it is fast. Oh, and it also makes a mean Panini.

I’ll admit it: When I discovered the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, I had to have it – for the kids, of course. It makes frozen pops in seven minutes on your countertop without electricity – perfect for those warm summer days that are just around the corner. And since you choose the ingredients, you have control over how much sugar the kids (or you) are consuming.

A coffee grinder is a great kitchen gadget, even if you don’t drink coffee. It works great for grinding spices – fresh-ground spices have a much better flavor, and you can create your own spice blends right in the grinder. And if you do use it for coffee, fresh-ground beans have a better flavor and they last longer than ground coffee.

My most-used item in the kitchen is my KitchenAid mixer. The attachments are what make it so unique – with the right attachment you can make pasta, grind meat, and juice fresh fruit. But, honestly, my mixer is most often used for making pizza dough.

I’m seduced by items that are fancy, cute, and shiny, so I often end up with cabinets and drawers filled with items I purchased and never used (I’m looking at you, tortilla maker). Things that didn’t work right, were too complicated, were too specific to one task (apple peeler, corer, and slicer), or were too difficult to clean usually end up getting used once, only to wind up in the back of the pantry with the other abandoned and forgotten kitchen gadgets. Be careful before purchasing a kitchen gadget – make sure it is something you will use often, has more than one purpose, and is easy to clean.