Furnishing Your Entire Student Apartment with IKEA for $1000

Author: Alecia Pirulis


If you’re a student moving into your first apartment, it’s no secret money’s tight. Hopefully, you held on to at least $1000 in high school graduation gifts, because decorating and furnishing an entire student apartment doesn’t come free. We’ve done most of the leg work for you and scoured Ikea for the most affordable, functional and somewhat stylish apartment home furnishings and decor. Here’s how you can furnish an entire student apartment with Ikea with $1000 or less.

Your Student Apartment Living Room

Start with the essentials, and then build on the decor later to suit your personal taste. You’ll need a place to sit, somewhere to place your TV, shelving for your knick knacks, window treatments, supplemental lighting and a small trash can. Once you’ve assembled all your furniture and have hung all the curtains, you’ll have a good visual of other items you might want or need in the future.

TOTAL: $320.88

The Bedroom

You can probably make due with your bed on the floor, but you’ll have to move it every time you need to vacuum beneath it.  Bedroom sets don’t come cheap and are often large, bulky pieces, so a dual purpose bed frame provides a place to organize your clothes without taking up additional space.

TOTAL: $624.94

The Bathroom

Nothing fancy here, but it’s an area of your student apartment you’ll probably use the most. A visually pleasing curtain and bath mat prevents water dripping onto the floor after you shower.

TOTAL: $46.96

GRAND TOTAL: $992.78

This list should get you started, so you won’t be living like many other college students — in a completely bare student apartment. Keep in mind, Ikea doesn’t offer certain items, like shower curtains and bath mats, for purchase online. If you have a ride and a storefront location close to your school, you’ll find some incredible deals that will stretch your decorating budget even further.

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