Living Room Furniture With Built-In Storage

Author: Lauren Ross


Your apartment is your home, and you absolutely love all the features that came with it: stainless steel appliances, a spacious patio, and large soaking tub. However, we can all agree that extra storage space is a huge plus in a rental, since some tend to lack it. To better optimize your area and increase storage around the apartment, check out these ideas to use in your home. The following essential living room pieces with built-in storage will add elegance to your space and keep it free of clutter:

Console with Cabinets

Consoles with cabinets are best suited for apartments with large, open floor plans. Having one nestled on an empty wall or behind the sofa adds uniformity and extra space for knickknacks. Place a lamp, photos and drinks atop while storing board games, blankets and school books in the drawers or cabinets.

Table Console

A table console utilizes open storage. Add baskets or fabric bins to the underside of the table for children’s books, blankets, magazines or pet toys.

table console

Photo Source: The Lottery House


Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes, colors and fabric options. They are great for organizing a living space and complete a room setup. The lid lifts open so you can store items such as extra throw pillows, electronics, gaming equipment and remotes.

Coffee Table

Many coffee tables are built with storage areas, which is great for keeping board games and magazines off the floor. You can also dress the top up with a great floral centerpiece.

Nesting Tables

If you need extra tabletop space, listen close! Nesting tables are perfect furniture pieces for apartment dwellers and come in stacks of two and three. They don’t take up much space either; the smaller table can fit under the large one when not in use. Some may have an underside where you can place extra baskets for more storage areas.

nesting tables

Photo Source: I Am Momma, Here Me Roar


Bookcases provide us a way to proudly display our sentimental objects, such as novels, pictures, and antiques. You can find them in a variety of colors, wood grains and stains, and wood types. Corner bookcases are ideal if you don’t want to give up a good wall in your apartment.

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