Get Ready, Get Set, Summer!

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Sunny Summer Day

Sunny Summer Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the last day of school for my kids, and Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived. It’s official – summer is here!

Well, okay, the first day of summer is actually June 20. But with temperatures creeping up toward 90, women digging out their summer sandals, and apartment communities opening their pools, it doesn’t matter what the calendar says — it’s summer. The days stretch before us with unlimited possibilities … picnics at the park, perhaps a trip to the beach or lake, weekend camping trips, homework-free evenings sitting outside with a glass of wine and good friends … ahhh.

Summer can also mean pool parties, barbecues, and get-togethers – save time by gathering some go-to recipes now. Test a few out and find your favorites so when the time comes you won’t be scrambling to find that perfect summer dish.

Summer temperatures can get fairly intense, so try these cool foods and spend less time over a hot stove. And to really cool things off, try making your own ice cream!

The hot sun can lead to sunburn and heat exhaustion. Brush up on your summer safety IQ! Also, don’t forget about your pet – the heat takes a toll on them, as well. In fact, heat stroke is often fatal for dogs. Heavy breathing, excessive panting, and drooling are often the first signs of heatstroke.

Dig out your summer wardrobe and try a few things on. If they don’t fit quite the way you’d like, lose the winter weight now – before temperatures really heat up.Don’t forget to bring a little summer style into your apartment – lighten and brighten things up a little with paint and fabric, add some seashells and floral patterns to your rooms, switch out your heavy bedding for a summer spread, and put away your winter throw blankets.