Get Ready to Go Online Shopping

Author: Alecia Pirulis

I love to shop. For me, it’s an all-day sporting event where I “gear up” with my tennis shoes and a bottle of water stuffed into my oversized purse. I like the crowds, the noise, the colors, the textures, and of course the sales. This is the best time of year because I have the perfect excuse to shop from dawn ‘til way-past-dusk.

Because I love the whole shopping experience, shopping online has never caught my interest. Sure, I’ve purchased a few things here and there, but I’ve never given online shopping more than a passing nod as I run for the door and head for the downtown Atlanta shopping malls. Sitting in front of the computer wearing my fuzzy slippers and drinking a cup of coffee while browsing the Internet? That’s not shopping. Driving up and down the parking lot searching for an empty space and then dashing through the biting cold to do battle for the last Rock-N-Roll Elmo doll? That’s shopping.

Things have changed this year. I’ve found some great online deals and some very unique gifts that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Sure, I’ll still have my marathon mall days, but I’m paying a little more attention to Internet shopping.

I found some unique gifts for family and friends at What do I love most about this site? The personalization! It adds a special touch to your gift (and if a family member is a chronic re-gifter, this is one item they have to keep).

One of my favorite sites is With two boys and three nephews who are all impossible to buy for, this site saves the day. Screaming monkey slingshot? Perfect stocking-stuffer. Zombie desktop bowling? I’m definitely winning the “cool aunt” award this year.

Even my dogs will benefit from my online shopping spree. The hide-a-squirrel pet toy I discovered on will keep them busy for hours – and it’s cute. And for my animal-crazy niece, I found a pair of dachshund earrings on that she’s going to love.

From odd finds to eco-friendly gifts, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your shopping list. As for the malls, well, if you still want to go out and shop ‘til you drop even though your gift list is complete, that’s okay – no one needs to know you finished your Christmas shopping and are now just out shopping for fun.