Great Food for Game Day

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Time for Football

Time for Football (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The countdown is on. One more weekend of playoffs before the Big Game on February 3. Why not invite your friends over to your apartment to watch the games this weekend? After all, what’s better than good friends, plenty of food, drinks, and football? (And don’t forget a dash of competition!)

If your game day fare consists of chips and beer, take it a step further and celebrate the final four teams in a big way – or save a few of these recipes for your Super Bowl party.

Potato skins are ideal game-watching treats. They are hand-held bits of goodness with their crispy bases, just a little hint of potato, and plenty of cheese and bacon. Serve a batch  and they will disappear in a hurry.

Now, what will you do with that big bowl of scooped-out potato? Make a shepherd’s pie! Shepherd’s pie is basically a meat casserole with a potato topping – perfect for that quick halftime meal.

Hot wings are a football party must-have. If you’ve never made hot wings before, it’s really very easy and it is less expensive than buying them ready-made. Here is a list of wing recipes that will wow the crowd on game day – be sure you make plenty, especially if you plan to watch both games.

Speaking of watching both games, a slow-cooker is a great way to keep food hot all afternoon, though the evening, and even afterward – when you are celebrating your team’s victory or commiserating over why they lost. Here are some great slow-cooker recipes to try.

Sliders have become a fast favorite – they are small, portable, fun to eat, and much less messy than a big burger. You can make them as healthy (turkey sliders) or as decadent (bacon-wrapped burger sliders) as you want.

Want to serve something a little less traditional? has some great ideas for game day – how about pretzel bites with cheddar dip or peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake brownies? Or, if you are still holding firm on your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, how about some edamame hummus?

Perhaps you want to make something in honor of your favorite team – or for all of the teams. For the Falcons vs. 49ers game, how about serving San Francisco‘s famous Crab Louie Salad with hunks of sourdough bread, followed by sweet Georgia Peach Cobbler? When the Ravens face the Patriots, serve up some Maryland Crab Cakes or make Baltimore‘s famous Lake Trout (which is actually whiting – not from a lake at all – deep fried and served on two slices of white bread with hot sauce), and serve it alongside a delicious batch of New England Clam Chowder.

Are you planning a game-day get-together? What do you plan to serve? Share your snacks and traditions with us on Facebook!