Great Gifts for Mom

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Cut flowers in a vase

Cut flowers in a vase (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an attempt to keep things simple (and to ensure I don’t end up with a blender or vacuum cleaner on Sunday), I obtained a catalogue from my favorite jewelry store, circled all items on my “want” list, and left it on the table where my husband keeps his car keys. All he has to do is pick up the catalogue, go to the store, point, and pay. Easy. He can even wait until the weekend to get his Mother’s Day shopping done.

If you are having trouble finding gifts for mom (or want to leave a few hints for yourself), consider the following gift ideas.

Personalized gifts add a special meaning, so consider an item you can have engraved. Adding a photo to an item (especially for a new grandma) will show that you put some thought into your gift.

A great gift idea doesn’t have to come wrapped in paper and a bow. A day at the spa, for example, can be great. For the more adventurous mom, gift certificates are available for a wide range of activities, from art classes to hang gliding to learning to fly a plane.

If you’d rather keep mom’s feet on the ground, consider her hobbies. A mom who enjoys gardening and nature, for example, may appreciate a hummingbird feeder or gardening gift basket.

Speaking of gift baskets, these handy little items are easy to find, great looking, and you can find one for just about any type of interest, from wine and cheese baskets to golf-themed gift baskets.

High-tech moms and science-minded moms will appreciate unique gifts, gadgets, and games.

I’m a huge fan of – there’s just such a wide variety of unique and one-of-a-kind items. I especially love the handmade items. For the mom who has everything, this is a great place to find something she’ll treasure.

Yes, you could just have flowers delivered – it is one of the busiest days of the year for flower delivery – or you could switch it up a little this year and have something unique (or even edible) delivered.