Halloween Treats for the Classroom

Author: Lauren Ross

Halloween mummy cupcakes on white plate

It’s that time of year again when ghouls and goblins roam at night, and witches dust off their broomsticks for moonlit flights. With Halloween right around the corner, school classes are just finishing up the preparations for their spooky holiday bash. If the teacher is requesting snacks for the festivities, forget candy bars – send your child to school with yummy homemade Halloween treats! The best part is you can make them together.

This Witches’ Hats cookie recipe is delightfully spooky and simple to make! All you need is a package of fudge-striped cookies, chocolate kisses, and a tube of icing – preferably green or orange. Attach a kiss to the base of the cookie, using icing as “glue” to hold it together. Then add an icing bow to the base of the candy. The class will love this tasty treat and you’ll love that no baking is required.

Let me give you a hand with this recipe…a Monster Hand that is. Slip candy corn into each finger of a plastic glove, followed by popcorn.  Tie the opening together with ribbon and add a spider ring for a festive touch.  This ghoulish snack is an A+ party favor.

Graveyard Pudding Cups are kid-approved because they taste great. Oreo® cookies, chocolate pudding cups, ghost Peeps®, and candied pumpkins are required for this recipe. Crumble the cookies using a rolling pin, scooping a tablespoon of crushed cookie into each pudding cup. Place one candied pumpkin and marshmallow ghost on top to create this haunting graveyard dessert. There’s just one final step to remember: don’t forget the spoons!

Casper is a friendly ghost but you can make your Lollipop Ghosts scary, or nice. Wrap a white tissue (or fabric) square around each lollipop to create the head. Then secure it with an orange or black ribbon. Using a sharpie pen, sketch a silly or fearsome face onto your ghost treats. Display your snacks on something frightful like a foam block adorned with decorative cobwebs.

Mummy Cupcakes are so good that it’s hard to keep the recipe “under wraps”.  Mix cake batter and pour into a lined muffin pan. Bake and let cool. Once the cupcakes have reached room temperature, use a pastry bag with a decorating tip to frost the tops. Leave the area around the eyes clear. A sweeping motion during the frosting stage will give the cupcake a mummified appearance. Add M&M’s® or Skittles® for the eyes.

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