How to Handle a Loud Neighbor

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Unless you have a house sitting on endless acres of land, we all have neighbors, and when you live in an apartment, you have plenty — and in close quarters, too. Your apartment should be your peaceful abode, but even one loud neighbor can disrupt the peace and cause a frustrating and possibly miserable apartment living situation. If you’re uncomfortable in your own home, here are five tips on how to handle a loud neighbor in your apartment community:

  • Avoid the bottom floor: If there’s a vacant unit available on the top floor of a building, paying extra to rent it is worth it. You won’t be bothered with every creak, squeak or thud from above, as well as other bothersome noises, like snoring, phones ringing or loud conversations. As an added bonus, you will probably be privy to a view from a nice balcony.
  • Communicate: A loud neighbor may not know they’re bothering you, so if they’re causing a problem, just let them know. If you catch them by the mailbox or in the hallway, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring their noise levels to their attention. Just like any other relationship, communication is key.
  • White noise helps: Drown out sounds from a loud neighbor with a fan or air purifier. It might sound counterintuitive to add more noise in your appointment, but white noise helps your brain pay less attention to external sounds, like barking dogs or loud footsteps. If you’d prefer not to add another bulky item to an already small living space, purchase a white noise machine to prop up on a bookshelf or table.
  • Complain: You might not want to be “that neighbor,” but do what you have to do if a loud neighbor continues to disregard your requests. Contact your building manager and file a complaint. Management will send out a letter to your neighbor with a warning and notice of a complaint. Hopefully, that’s enough to scare them. Worst case scenario, call the police or courtesy officer.

Finding the right area of town is a great place to start to avoid loud, pesky neighbors. If you’re in search of a new apartment, head over to to look around!