America’s Most Haunted Homes

Author: Lauren Ross

Spooky House With Dead Vines

Halloween is the perfect time of year for spilling chilling ghost stories. Numerous cities around the U.S. are haunted and plagued with supernatural phenomenon. Some of the creepiest places are not just centuries-old prisons, hospitals, or graveyards, but residential houses that have experienced grisly horrors in their prime. Don’t be scared, grab your candy corn and check out some of America’s most haunted homes!

Hampton Lillibridge House – Savannah, Georgia

The most haunted home in Savannah is riddled with tragedy, according to neighbors and local residents. The city is known for its grueling tales of death and mischievous spirits; it’s one of the most haunted cities in America and the South. Located at 507 East Saint Julian Street on Washington Square, the house was built by Hampton Lillibridge and his wife, who eventually sold the home after the death of her husband. The house went through many owners and eventually became a boarding home. Misfortune struck when a sailor was found hanging from a 3rd story guest suite.

After years of abandonment, the home was purchased by antique dealer Jim Williams in 1963. Williams relocated the home to its current address at Washington Square, but during the move tragedy struck again. A worker was crushed to death during transport after the roof caved in. When the home finally made it to its destination, a spooky crypt was discovered while laying down the foundation. This is said to be the source of all things evil and paranormal at Hampton Lillibridge. Workers would report tools mysteriously disappearing; evil laughter coming from nowhere; and seeing lurking shadows.

Williams had an exorcism performed by a bishop after he became fed up with the paranormal state of the home. The hauntings ceased for a short time but later resumed. Today, the house still stands on East Saint Julian Street awaiting a new owner.

The Hampton Lillibridge house is a beautifully kept New England-style home, situated on one of Savannah’s most attractive squares. The famous Pirates’ House restaurant is in walking distance of the home, along with shops and cafes on River Street. Are you looking to live in one of America’s most haunted cities? Find your Savannah, Georgia apartment home today!

LaLaurie Mansion – New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Quarter is the oldest, most historic neighborhood in New Orleans – and also one of the spookiest around. One Spanish-style home in particular is said to be the most haunted in NOLA. That home? The Lalaurie Mansion. The home on Royal Street belonged to Madame Delphine Lalaurie and her husband, Dr. Louis Lalaurie, in the early 1830s. An affluent couple in the Creole community, Mr. and Mrs. Lalaurie often threw lavish parties for their high society friends in their French Quarter abode. With their wealth and extravagant affairs, they became a prominent, well-respected family in the city.

The mansion was maintained by Madame Lalaurie’s slaves and she was viciously cruel to them all. A neighbor had seen her chase a young girl with a whip, which resulted in the young girl’s death, and the community would become suspicious on the disappearance of slaves in the home. Word spread quickly about the mistreatment and RSVPs to social gatherings began to dwindle.

It was after the fire of 1834 that a torture chamber was discovered in the house. Lalaurie was cited to have performed horrifying, obscene and often fatal experiments on slaves that worked for her. When the townspeople got word of what she had done, she fled to Paris. In the home today, it’s said you can still hear shrieks of pain; footsteps; and the cries of tortured souls, along with orbs and apparitions.

The Lalaurie Mansion now houses luxury apartment homes. If you’re looking for an apartment near jazz clubs, nightlife, world-class eateries, and the Mississippi River or the Gulf, then NOLA may just be the city for you!

Franklin Castle – Cleveland, Ohio

Wildly spinning crystal chandeliers, erratic electrical circuits, and doors that burst off the hinges with no warning or reason as to why – these are just a few of the eerie occurrences that go on at Franklin Castle. German immigrant Hannes Tiedemann erected the home for his wife, mother, and children in 1865. His daughter succumbed to diabetes at the young age of 15 and his mother died shortly thereafter. Following the deaths of his daughter and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Tiedemann buried more children within the next three years, sparking rumors that there were more to these deaths than one could see from the outside.

Renovations began on the family home in an effort to keep his wife’s mind off the passing of her children. A grand ballroom was added to the first level and gas light fixtures were installed throughout the house. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Tiedemann, secret passages and hidden room were also added in. Some state that human baby skeletons were found in one of the rooms, while another was used as a speakeasy during the Prohibition. And some passages that were discovered led nowhere.

Chilling stories have circulated that Mr. Tiedemann had killed his niece, a mistress, and servant girl in the home. Locals have said that a “woman in black” figure can be seen in the front tower window, speculating that this apparition is that of his mistress, Rachel. Tiedemann sold the home to the Mallhauser family after the passing of his wife. After that, Franklin Castle went through multiple owners, each relenting on their experiences with the dead, such as seeing ghost children; hearing the cries of ghost children; and hearing the sounds of an organ being played.

In 2011, it was confirmed that the home was purchased by a European tapestry artist who made plans of turning the castle into a three-family dwelling. If you’re looking for a rental, but spooky isn’t your style, then check out these Cleveland apartment homes.

The Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, Louisiana

Myrtles Plantation was built in 1796 by General David Bradford of the Whiskey Rebellion. This southern antebellum home is said to be a hotspot for the supernatural and is allegedly built on an ancient Indian burial ground. A reported 10 murders have taken place here; one of the most famous is that of Chloe, a slave in the Woodruff household.

After the death of Bradford, the plantation was managed by daughter Sara and her husband Clark Woodruff. According to the legend of Chloe, Chloe was Woodruff’s mistress who grew tired of his advances. Afraid of being demoted to field work after Mr. Woodruff took interest in another, she began eavesdropping on family business meetings. She was caught and her ear was severed as punishment. Legend has it that she took revenge on the family by lacing a birthday cake with poison. Sara and her two children died, but Clark Woodruff was spared since he didn’t eat any of it. Other slaves of the Woodruffs got word of this and hanged her. It’s said you can still see her spirit roam the house.

Other paranormal sightings that have occurred at the home include handprints in the hallway and ominous music. As previously mentioned, The Myrtles Plantation has seen a large number of murders, including that of William Winter, an attorney who lived on the plantation. He was shot on his front porch and staggered through the house because of his wound, eventually collapsing on the 17th step of the staircase. Guests have reported hearing footsteps going up the stairs, followed by a loud “thud”.

The Myrtles Plantation is a bed and breakfast and tourist site, located along the Bayou Sara. The plantation features house tours and a restaurant, and is right down the road from dining establishments and St. Francisville apartment homes.

Joshua Ward House – Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is most notably remembered for the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, which resulted in the death of 20 accused. The home was constructed by merchant Joshua Ward in 1784. The all-brick home sits atop the same foundation as that of the city jailhouse and Sherriff George Corwin’s home. Corwin’s home was used to hold the accused during the trials, and many were executed here in obscene, torturous ways while Corwin was on duty. The most notable was that of Giles Corey, who was crushed to death by stones.

Inside the home, entities of Corey; a mysterious woman with black, untamed hair; and the Sherriff have been witnessed. The woman is thought to be one of the executed for witchcraft, coming to take her revenge on Corwin. There have been reports of objects moving on their own; candles bending into the “S” shape; and alarms going off randomly.

The Joshua Ward House is featured on the National Register of Historic Places; it was one of the first brick homes in Salem and housed George Washington during his trip to the city in 1789. Today, the home serves as office space in the Downtown district for local businesses. If you’re looking for a rental here, then check out these apartments and welcome to The Witch City!