Have a Party in Your Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Maybe you want to have an apartment-warming party. Perhaps it’s your turn to host the Christmas party. Or sometimes it’s just nice to, well, party.

Living in a small apartment makes entertaining a little more difficult. Seating is limited, space is limited, noise can be an issue, parking could be a problem, and your kitchen may not be equipped to handle large-party cooking. But don’t let that discourage you – a great party is still within your reach!

First, clean your apartment and put everything in its place to avoid your space looking cluttered. Move furniture around so you have a large gathering space in the center of the room. You can always put unnecessary furniture in another room, such as your bedroom.

Since you probably won’t have enough seating for everyone, don’t have a dinner party. Instead, go with a simple wine and cheese party – or foods that can be nibbled on while standing. Make it an open-house event and specify on the invitation to “drop by any time between [blank] and [blank].” This way, guests will be coming and going in a staggered fashion instead of everyone being there at the same time.

If you must serve dinner, get creative with seating. Keep it informal – toss large cushions on the floor around the coffee table, push tables together, use two bar stools and a large, flat surface (a door, a large mirror, a sheet of plywood) to create a table and cover it with a tablecloth. Lap trays are also a great solution to limited table and seating space.

How do you make your party one your guests will remember – preferably one that doesn’t have your upstairs neighbor calling the police with a noise complaint? Try party games! Your guests will get to know each other, have fun, and you can keep the noise level down to an acceptable decibel.

Most apartment complexes will have guest parking. Find out where your guests should park and include detailed instructions (or even a map) in your invitation on where to park and how to find your apartment. If you have very limited parking, specify in your invitation that parking is limited and encourage carpooling.

Your best bet for a successful party? Invite your neighbors! If they are at your place having fun, they won’t be banging on the walls to quiet you down. Besides, it’s a great way to get to know those who live in your building.