Have Dog, Will Travel

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Dog on the Beach

After our summer vacation to New York and our Chicago adventure last December, my family and I have realized … we really don’t like traveling without our dogs. So, we’ve decided that all future vacations must be pet-friendly so that Pinky and Peanut can come along. Even though the dogs seem to enjoy staying with Grandma and Grandpa, we miss them.

If leaving your pet behind feels like leaving a family member behind, you really don’t have to. DogFriendly.com is a great resource for finding locations that will welcome your pet. From dog-friendly camping locations to pet-friendly hotels, this resource will help you plan a vacation that includes everyone.

I have my eye on Cape San Blas near Port St. Joe on Florida’s Gulf Coast. This has been hailed as the most dog-friendly beach in the country. They have dog stations located all along the beach to keep things clean, and dogs are even allowed on the hiking trails (leashed, of course). Florida’s Gulf Coast is great – it is a little less crowded than the east coast, and there are plenty of things to do, from seafood restaurants to the historic sites, such as the unique Cape San Blas lighthouse.

Beaches, hiking, and camping out are all great vacation activities, but suppose you just want to be pampered … and your dog does, too. Well, you are in luck. Some hotels aren’t just pet-friendly – they cater to pets with special treats, pet room-service menus, pet beds, and even grooming stations. If your dog is a complete diva and wants to stay at her own hotel, consider a trip to Pompano Beach, Florida and check her in to the Chateau Poochie. They offer luxurious rooms, a spa, a boutique, and even an on-site holistic nutrition advisor.

While I don’t think my dogs are quite ready for the full-on spa treatment (they are simple dogs, after all), I am glad that we’ve decided not to travel without them. And with such a wide selection of pet-friendly hotels and campgrounds to choose from, it was an easy decision to make.