Holiday Decorating in Your Small Space

Author: Alecia Pirulis


I tend to go a little overboard on my Christmas decorations. When holiday decorating, I’m of the school that more is more. Friends and family joke that I’ve never met a garland I didn’t like. Just because you may live in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t go all-out for the holidays. If limited space and lack of storage is an issue, here are some ways to scale it back — just a little.

The tree is probably the biggest space consumer, so start here. There are some great alternatives to the traditional tree, such as the half tree and the upside down tree. (I know; it looks a little strange. But if you have a pet and space is tight, the upside down tree is a great alternative to the traditional tree.) Tabletop trees are small and can fit on your coffee or end table, giving the look of a tree without the loss of floor space. Another great option? A wall tree! Hang it on the wall and voila — instant Christmas charm.

If you don’t have space to store a tree, you can make a tiny, disposable tree using some greenery and a tomato cage. The tomato cage is inexpensive enough to toss if you don’t have storage space to save it, and the end result is a great-looking tree.

Keep it simple with a wreath on your door or above your couch or fireplace. A wreath will add a festive touch to your apartment, and you can add ornaments by using a hot glue gun. Wind some battery-operated lights around it and you won’t even miss the tree. The best thing about a wreath? It will slide easily onto a closet shelf — or even under the bed — for simple storage.

If you just love ornaments but don’t necessarily want the tree, put ornaments in a glass bowl and set them on a shelf or on your fireplace mantle. Or, get an ornament tree and hang them (you can make your own with a dowel, a wooden block for the stand, and some screw-in cup hooks). Get some removable wall hooks (the kind with adhesive tabs) and place them at varying heights along one wall, then hang your ornaments from the hooks. You can even do this in a triangular shape for a faux “tree” look.

No matter how much decorating you do this holiday season — whether you create an over-the-top winter wonderland or just add a small Yuletide hint — have fun with it! I love the Christmas season because there’s no wrong way to decorate — there’s no such thing as clashing colors (add red and purple ornaments to a pink tree? Why not?) and there’s no such thing as too much.