Host an Oscars Party in Your Apartment Home

Author: Lauren Ross

Luxury party

One of the year’s most glamorous events is only weeks away: the Oscars. A global televised event, the Oscars has been broadcast in over 200 countries since its inaugural onscreen debut in 1953. Millions of viewers worldwide tune into this star-studded event to see which nominees are awarded the prestigious Academy Award of Merit. The Hollywood after-parties are often the talk of the awards too and are reviewed by large publications all over the world.

Now you probably won’t be attending the Oscars, but rather watching the festivities on TV. You can join in on the celebration that’s happening in Los Angeles by hosting an Oscar-worthy party in your apartment! The Academy Awards is a great excuse to organize a get-together, because you can have fun while watching the award ceremony with friends.

The Oscars is all about the glitz and glam and the year’s best films. To emulate the show, incorporate colors into your décor that are inspired by the Oscars, such as black and white with pops of gold and red. Parties need a theme, as well as décor to enhance the theme. For the Oscars, film reels, silver and gold stars, movie scene markers and marquees are excellent decor options.

Food just makes the party that much better. With that being said, movie theater concessions with a twist will complement your event. Fill glass jars with assorted candies for a sophisticated table display. If you want to do buffet-style, place bite-size appetizers out for guests when they want a snack. Popcorn tins with freshly popped popcorn are great appetizers, along with mini soft pretzels and a fruit tray. Craft your own specialty cocktail with a creative name inspired by a nominated film or actor/actress. Keep wine and beer chilling in the fridge, along with soda and juice for non-drinkers.

The invitations should have some pizzazz, but they don’t need to cost a fortune. You could send out Facebook invites or e-invites from Paperless Post. Online invitations are typically lower-cost and you don’t have to wait for them to get delivered by mail. Within your correspondence, encourage your party guests to come dressed in their best evening attire.

These simple ideas will make for a fantastic party and memorable night. But it’s your show, so go ahead and add your own spin! Are you going to throw an Oscar party? Share your ideas with us and others on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.