How to Host Thanksgiving in a Small Space

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Thanksgiving Table

While the big event is still months away, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment will take some planning! If you start thinking about it now, you’ll be able to avoid the last-second scramble to get things done. That’s what Apartment Finder’s very own Judy Peterson, Administrative Assistant to Apartment Finder Tucson, is helping a friend with a small apartment do – planning now for what she calls a “Thanksgiving Bistro” in her friend’s one-bedroom apartment. Here are some of Judy’s suggestions:

  • Move all of the small living room and dining room furniture to the sides (or, in my friend’s case, end tables, lamps, and ottoman will go to her bedroom) to showcase a long dining table in the middle (or two folding tables end-to-end).
  • Create a “kids’ table” using the patio or low coffee table with floor seating over a large, washable mat or rug.
  • Clear off all small appliances like the blender, toaster, and coffee pot (to be used later with pie!), leaving more counter space for food prep or appetizer dishes.
  • Use strategically-placed coolers for drinks so the refrigerator can hold the salads and other side items needing refrigeration.
  • Use crock pots and hot plates instead of the stove to keep items warm and eliminate the heat that using both burners and an oven can sometimes create.
  • Hang fall décor to create more floor space, and use string lighting and ceiling lamps for room lighting (that floor lamp just took up too much space – it had to go!).
  • Forget what your mom (and grandma) said about having to use fine china at Thanksgiving! Use good quality, disposable cutlery and plates to make clean-up a breeze.
  • Instead of your standard kitchen trash can, use a long cardboard box sectioned out with bags to separate plastic, cans, and trash – this way, it will be easier to take out and not such an eyesore as the box sits low to the ground.
  • Use the sofa! Carts, card tables, and TV trays allow some visitors to utilize the sofa as extra seating during dinner.
  • Don’t take on all of the responsibility – make it a Thanksgiving potluck and ask everyone to bring a side dish or dessert!

Judy Peterson contributed the content for this article. Judy has been with Apartment Finder’s Tucson team for two years. She’s married with two kids – her son will celebrate his first birthday in October and her daughter just turned 11. On her days off, Judy likes hiking, off-road four-wheeling, and rock crawling when weather permits (and Judy claims that’s pretty much all the time in sunny Tucson!).