How to Clean a Bedroom

Author: Lauren Ross


I bet you almost anything that your first thought regarding this article was, “How to clean a bedroom? Who doesn’t know how to do that?”

You may be surprised –or not depending on whom you live with—that some people are on the messier side and rarely clean their bedroom. It’s not a hard chore to do in the least, but to some it’s a lower priority. Rooms need to be periodically cleaned to help maintain the integrity of the apartment as well as your belongings. Not sure where to start? Here are our tips to keep your bedroom spick-and-span.

Begin with your daily cleaning routine

Start with the usual tasks you do on a daily basis that keep your bedroom looking put together, such as vacuuming, sweeping and putting away clothes. Typically the bed would be made as well – but skip this part for now.

Purge what doesn’t belong in the room

You know what makes a bedroom look extremely messy? Items in the room that don’t really belong there.  That football of yours –move it. Those beach chairs from three summers ago that are leaning against your dresser? Move those, too. If you come across stuff that is trash, be sure to toss it so you can tidy up the space. Look under your bed, in the closet, on top of dressers and nightstands for items you don’t need in your bedroom.

Wash the linens

Linens that need washing include window treatments, pillow cases, comforters and bed sheets. Strip the sheets off the bed and toss into a load in the wash.  Some comforters and window treatments may require dry cleaning.

Dust, dust and dust

Don’t skip corners when dusting your bedroom and make sure you clean from top-to-bottom in the following places:

__Ceiling fan

__Picture frames

__Window moldings


__Crown moldings

__Lamp shades


__Wood furniture

Clean the mattress thoroughly

When was the last time you really cleaned your mattress? Follow these basic instructions to get your mattress looking like new.

Freshen up the air

Spray some air freshener and fabric spray around the room for a clean aroma. If you want a chemical-free way to freshen the air in your bedroom, open up the windows for a nice breeze.