How-To Craft Ideas for Fall

Author: Alecia Pirulis


crafts (Photo credit: Margarida Sardo)

Last night was the first night it was actually cool enough that I could dig my crocheting out of the storage ottoman and get back to work on the afghan I was making last year – until it became too hot to be under all of that yarn. I was able to finish the afghan, which currently adorns the back of my couch. Now I’m ready to move on to my next project (I already have the yarn; I purchased it about a year and a half ago. The only problem is I forgot what I wanted to do with it!)

Crocheting and knitting are great fall pastimes – especially if you can turn the yarn into scarves, hats, throws, shawls, etc. that you can then give out as gifts. Start now and you’ll have great inexpensive gifts for the upcoming holiday season. If you have a dog or cat, get some practice by making a scarf, toy, or blanket for your pet. It won’t matter to your pet if you drop a stitch or two!

Since September is officially National Sewing Month (President Ronald Reagan proclaimed September National Sewing Month in 1982), you may want to try sewing on for size. This is the perfect time of year to learn how – pick up a costume pattern for Halloween to practice on. It won’t matter if the stitches aren’t perfect, since Halloween costumes are supposed to be a little quirky and lopsided.

For those who want to add a touch of fall to their apartment, try making a sparkly corn centerpiece for your table – just brush some dried corn with craft glue and roll each ear in glitter. It’s fast, easy, and — the most important factor for those living in a small apartment with limited storage space – it’s disposable.

October is coming up fast, so be sure to add a few Halloween crafts to your project list. Crafting with kids can be great (if slightly messy) fun – here are some great projects your kids will love.

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