How to Deal with Your Apartment Neighbors Barking Dog

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Neighbors Barking Dog

When you choose to live in pet-friendly apartments, barking dogs are unavoidable. Non-stop dog barking can put a damper on your living situation. If the barking occurs throughout the night, losing sleep can cause you to be less alert and productive at work. Now it becomes necessary you do something to stop the neighbor’s barking dog, but maybe you don’t know where to start. Here are three tips to assist you in attaining a quieter apartment home:

Evaluate the circumstances

When dogs are welcomed to pet friendly apartments, you knew occasional noise was something you would encounter. When barking becomes excessive, that’s when it becomes a problem. First, keep a log of when the dog barks and how frequently it tends to happen. You might discover a pattern, such as the dog barking during working hours or when people walk by. Since dogs bark for various reasons, it will be easier to figure out a solution when the time comes for you to approach your neighbor with the problem.

What is making the dog bark?

Dogs are protective by nature and will bark through instinct to protect its owners. If you live where there is constant outside noise, like traffic or trains, dogs become less sensitive and less responsive to every sound it may hear. However, in quieter apartment complexes, a dog could respond to any noise–even if it is caused by you. Perhaps it’s the volume on your television or radio that’s causing the incessant barking. Maybe the dog’s excited because the owner returned home. But if the dog’s barking is constant, it is likely due to lack of attention or neglect.

Approach the neighbor

Talk to your neighbor in person, in writing or by phone, and explain the problem. It’s tempting to call management, but you will want to avoid tension or awkwardness with your neighbor. Present solid suggestions about ways to address the problem. It may take some research on your part, but a quick search on the Internet or asking for tips from friends and family is easy and helpful.

Understand that you will have to deal with a little barking, since pet-friendly apartments require living in close quarters. Before you lodge a complaint, analyze the situation and talk to your neighbor. In the meantime, try to get the dog to familiarize itself with your voice, and maybe it might cut back on its barking.