How to Host A Friendsgiving in Your Apartment

Author: Lauren Ross


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many of you are preparing for the arrival of family members coming to your home. To keep your mind at ease before the big day, why not enjoy this time with friends and host an easy-going, low-budget Friendsgiving dinner inside your apartment? Here are some great tips to help you out:

The Invites

You may be wondering how many friends you should put on the guest list. To be frank, only invite as many people as you can handle inside your home. When you plan the guest list, keep in mind the seating arrangements, where everyone will be chilling before dinner, and so on.

As for the invitations, there is no need to send out super formal invites. Simply call up your buddies, or send a mass text, to let them know of your plans.

The Food 

A potluck is a fantastic way to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends. Ask your guests to each bring a dish to share with the group. So you don’t end up with five pumpkin pies and no green bean casserole, assign a dish or jot down what everyone will bring. Transporting a turkey (or ham) is difficult, and because of that, the host should be responsible for the main course – unless you have a friend who can bring it already carved.

The Decorations

Don’t go overboard on the decorations. After all, Thanksgiving is about the food and your loved ones, right? A nice, simple fall tablescape will do just fine; it will make your apartment look very festive! Check out Pinterest for some great fall table ideas. And, if you’re hosting family at your house for Thanksgiving as well, you can get double use out of the holiday decor.

The Drinks

When asking friends to bring a side dish, be sure to tell them the kind of drinks you will be serving, and if they should bring their own drinks too. Check out these tasty ciders and cocktails that are perfect for an evening with friends.

The Entertainment

If you know someone with an exceptional playlist, ask them to supply their iPod for the tunes. There is also football!

The Leftovers

You know there’s going to be leftovers…there always are. At the store, purchase those inexpensive restaurant-style to-go containers to have handy when you want to send your guests home with leftover turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry sauce. This will allow for easy cleanup, and you won’t be eating Friendsgiving leftovers for a week (unless you’re into that!).