How to Make Your Apartment Feel Airier

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Now that the weather outside is becoming so pleasant, there’s no better time to give your apartment a makeover. Aside from cracking open a window, with springtime drawing closer, you can actually bring some of that fresh sunlight and warm weather into your apartment home with just a few changes of scenery. We’ve come up with a few of our favorite ways to help you make your apartment feel airier and ready for springtime.

Stick with a light color palette in each room

You don’t have to break out the house paints to give your home a change of color (especially if you’re in a rental apartment)! Just by changing the bedsheets, you can coordinate the colors in your rooms to create a light atmosphere.

For a cheery spring mixture, use pale blues, greens and yellows in solid blocks of color. For your living room, you can draw a light sofa sheet over your furniture. Using a crisp, cotton sheet will also make your sofa feel less hot as the weather gets warmer.

Make your floorplan more open and spacious

Is your living room currently cluttered with all of your furniture from previous houses? Maybe it’s time to clean out what you already have – after all, do you really need six barstools and three storage ottomans? This is particularly true for recent college graduates.

It’s hard to part ways with furniture you’ve already dropped a pretty penny on, but if all that furniture is just making your home more cluttered, you might want to consider selling some of those ratty armchairs on your local Free & For Sale forums. With a minimalist furniture setup, you might discover how spacious your apartment has been this whole time!

Create a gallery of asymmetric artwork

We’ve all heard the time-old tip to hang up a mirror in a room to make it seem larger (and it certainly works!). But for a modern, creative look, you can actually hang up a small private gallery of artwork on the wall. This might seem counterintuitive, but by adding multiple pieces of artwork of varying sizes, you can actually create an illusion that a room is expansive, much like a museum gallery.

The trick is to use simplistic artwork (with few colors and in patterns like houndstooth rather than a recreation of A Sunday Afternoon) with matching frames. For example, you might want to paint your picture frames in matching light shades of gold or all white to create a simple uniformity.

Change out those curtains

Are you using heavy, dark-colored drapes that are blocking out the sun? While these dark drapes are certainly useful in a bedroom if you are sensitive to lights while you sleep, they aren’t quite as necessary in common living spaces. Opt for light, transparent curtains that let plenty of natural light into your apartment, that are also less prone to trapping heat and dust over the summer months.

If you are looking for more ways to let natural light reflect around in your living spaces, you might want to try glass furniture or ornaments. Glass dinner tables are popular because they give the illusion that your furniture is taking up less space in a room, and also allow the light to reflect around. On a smaller scale, you can also try hanging glass terrariums. These popular decorations are great for raising low-maintenance air plants while giving your whole apartment a light, almost-magical atmosphere.

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