How to Use Mirrors to Create More Space in an Apartment

Author: Lauren Ross


A well-placed mirror can help expand on space in an apartment while highlighting its best details. Furnishings that enhance square footage are a renter’s best friend when it comes to redecorating since tenants aren’t allowed to do any structural remodeling. Mirrors are also used to produce more light and visually add depth to a room where space is limited.

wall of mirrorsBecause not all apartments are designed equally, you may come across a few with unique (funky) layouts that probably need a little TLC. The right fixtures and décor elements can help turn around an awkward space and make it functional and pleasing to the eye. If the apartment has a wall that doesn’t serve much of a purpose except for structural support, consider making it into an art exhibit with a gallery wall of mirrors. Adorned with a collection of different frames and sizes, this mosaic masterpiece will work cohesively to break up the awkwardness of the space.

When decorating with oversized mirrors, be mindful of what is being reflected as it can make or break the style of the room. A full-length mirror adds depth to a space and visually reads as an entryway or door. Framed mirrors create drama as well as airiness to any room it occupies.

Maybe the apartment is a bit dark in a certain area? You can create a brighter space in the home by placing a mirror directly behind a light source, such as a candle or lamp. When illuminated, the light will reflect off the mirror and scatter, creating a dreamy glow throughout the room.Floor-length mirrors

Bringing the outside indoors produces a serene, calming environment inside the apartment. Mirrors placed near windows essentially create the illusion of more windows, and capture the natural beauty of the outdoors that can then be seen in the reflection. Small mirrors strategically placed on display within bookshelves generate an attractive contrast between thick novels, pictures, and trinkets.

There’s a lot of decorating techniques you can do to achieve the illusion of more space. Mirrors are one of the better options and come in a wide range of prices. They provide so much functionality to an apartment and can make the space appear more open and bright. You can find mirrors that match your personal decorating style online or at a local home décor store! For more tips on decorating your apartment, be sure to check out the Apartment Finder Blog!

Photos courtesy of Real Simple and photographed by Victor Shrager