Is Apartment Living Right for You? 5 Signs That Point to Yes!

Author: Lauren Ross


Apartment living is progressing into more than just a means to an end for a lot of individuals. Renters are finding apartments to be of incredible value, with the right amenities and conveniences at the right price. Sure, owning a home is great and all, but renting an apartment has its benefits, too.

Not sure which path to take when it comes to where you’ll live? Reflect and evaluate what it is you find valuable in a home, along with the lifestyle that suits you best. Below are 5 signs that apartment living is right for you.

Your handiwork skills are minimal at best:

It’s okay that you’re no Tim Taylor on Home Improvement, but homeownership does require a lot of upkeep. When a homeowner experiences a maintenance issue at home, what’s the first thing they must do? Call a professional to inspect the problem. Having a business service come out to survey the maintenance issue is pretty costly.

In apartments, shelling out gobs of money for repairs is pretty much non-existent. Communities generally have on-site personnel to care for the units, or they hire third-party technicians if the apartment requires more specialized attention.

If house conservation work is beyond you, then consider apartment life. Don’t feel like spending hundreds or thousands on repairs and maintenance? Think about renting instead. Routine maintenance is included in your monthly rent to make life simpler for you!

You don’t want to clean day after day:

Because single-family homes have a lot of space, cleaning top to bottom will feel like a never-ending chore. There’s less space in an apartment, which means cleaning can be done in under a few hours. Spring cleaning will likely take more time than regular housework. Luckily, though, it only comes around once a year!

You love the idea of easily accessible amenities:

Apartment communities offer residents numerous amenities for monthly rent. Single-family home neighborhoods may have a swimming pool or tennis court, but with that comes heavy HOA fees.  Property managers and landlords typically offer their residents social events from adult soirees to family-friendly functions.

Many communities out there offer pools and tennis courts, too. However, you can also find unique amenities like pet parks, playgrounds, gyms, dry cleaning, wine cellars, movie theaters, and more! It pays to live in an apartment community, because you can save hundreds on the stuff you enjoy doing every day.

You don’t want to be tied down to one place:

Renting offers the freedom and flexibility of moving from place to place whenever you want. If that’s how you roll, then you’ll find apartment life comforting. There’s no long-term commitment since many communities provide a variety of lease options, like month-to-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month. Whether downtown or suburbia and beyond, there’s an apartment for you that meets the budget and flexibility you prefer!

You don’t want to be burdened with a mortgage:

If you find this a given, it’s renting 100 percent. Down payments, property taxes, HOA fees, and a mortgage can be a lot to juggle financially and drain your bank account. Not to mention, going from bank to bank and the loan process can be exhausting and overwhelming.

The only large expense a renter must incur is the initial deposit and a pet deposit if you have a pet companion. If you rather just avoid the chaos and headache that comes with taking out a mortgage for a home, renting might be your best bet!

Owning a home isn’t for everyone, or at least not practical right now. If you’re debating between homeownership or renting, consider the list above to see if apartment living is right for you. We encourage you to celebrate home and find your new place on Apartment Finder.