Kitchen Storage Hacks to Make Life Easier

Author: Lauren Ross


When living in a small space apartment, you will likely come across limited storage. The kitchen within these types of floor plans is typically tight, and countertops and cabinet space is hard to come by. We know you adore your cozy apartment, but we also know that you’d love some extra storage, too. Below are some helpful kitchen storage hacks that will maximize storing capacity.

We need our morning cup (or two!) of coffee. I mean, how else are we supposed to function throughout the day? Coffee mugs take up a lot of valuable cabinet space, which could be used to hold other items. An under the shelf mug holder will clear room inside the cabinets. Hook screws are another great way to add space – just screw them into the underside of the cabinet. They keep shelf and countertops clear, and are great for decorative use, as well.


Image Credit: Pinterest

If tumblers and water bottles are causing a mess inside the cabinets, an over-the-door plastic shoe organizer should do the trick. The individual compartments in the rack will keep mugs and their lids together, so you can quickly grab your favorites!

Large pots and skillets, along with matching lids, can take up almost a whole lower cabinet. The lids get in the way and make quite a ruckus when sliding around. A small curtain rod or paper towel holder secured on the cabinet door is an excellent way to neatly arrange them.

Small, removable shelves can add space to your cabinetry. You can find these goods in almost any kitchen supply store or online retailer. The foldable shelf is ideal for stacking bowls, and it provides extra space for storing plates. If aluminum foil or cling wrap is the problem, fasten a magazine rack to the inside of one of the cabinet doors. Clearing out foils and wraps from your pull-out drawers will leave more room for cutlery and utensils.

foldable shelf

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Need to organize spices and extracts? A small, light basket, hot glue gun, and magnetic strips should do the trick! Adhere four magnetic strips to one side of the basket and attach to the fridge. If measuring spoons and cups are causing a mess in your drawers, Command™ hooks will help clear up space and make them more attainable.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you have plenty of storage space in the kitchen, especially when living in an apartment. Do you have any kitchen storage hacks to share with fellow renters? Let them know about your creative ideas on the Apartment Finder Facebook page!