Last-Minute Costumes for You, Your Kid, and Your Pet

Author: Alecia Pirulis


The big day is just over a week away! How did that happen? If Halloween has caught you unprepared (like me!) this year, don’t resort to rummaging through the dregs of the Halloween shops or discount store isles looking for something that isn’t broken, missing the all-important mask, gloves, or other accessories, and the stuff nobody wanted. Even though it may be a little late to find your perfect, in-tact costume, you can still be the hit of the Halloween or block party – or even just the coolest trick-or-treater.

In an evening, you can make a great costume for yourself, your kid, and even your dog. And I’m not talking about the standard 50s guy or gal, the hobo, or the Charlie Brown-style sheet-ghost. If you have a large box, you can turn yourself into everything from a washing machine to a cereal box. Guys can dress in black sweats, cut small Peeps-like duck shapes out of yellow felt, and glue them all over the sweats. Cut a horseshoe shape out of cardboard, cover it in tin foil, and paint the tips red so it looks like a magnet. Hang it around your neck and you’re an instant “chick magnet.” There are so many quick and clever costumes, you have no excuse not to show up at the party and take home the Best Costume prize!

I love this idea for kids: Put them in yellow sweatpants and a yellow hoodie. Buy some foam circles at the craft store or the local craft section at the discount store. Cut them in half so they are half-moon shaped. Paint them yellow. Glue them all over the sweatpants and hoodie – your child is now mac-‘n’-cheese.

Zombies are all the rage this year, and this is the perfect homemade costume. Just tear up the legs of some old pants, and some rips and splatter some red paint to an old shirt, and apply face paint – a ghoulish gray or ghostly white for the face, black for around the eyes, and maybe a little red in the corners of the lips.

If your kids fuss about being put in handmade Halloween costumes instead of expensive, store-bought ones, remind them that at least they’ll be different! Who wants to see 20 other Harry Potters or Smurfettes running around? Besides, you are being kind to the environment by using old and recycled items to make your costumes. You are also being friendly to your wallet–Instead of $40 or more on a costume, you can spend mere pennies.

Don’t leave your pet out! If your pet is sociable and not afraid of people in spooky costumes, take them along when you go trick-or-treating. Get some ideas from websites such as Etsy, where homemade costumes include everything from an adorable panda bear to a crayon to a Smurf. If your dog has a T-shirt (any color will do), buy some felt in a different color and cut circles and triangles out of it. Hot-glue the circles all over the T-shirt and glue the wide base of the triangles in a line down the back, so the points stick up. Your dog is now a ferocious dinosaur.

It’s not too late to be the hit of Halloween! Even if you aren’t artistic or crafty, there are many easy Halloween costumes ideas to choose from.