Last-Second Party Treats

Author: Alecia Pirulis


My big Halloween plans? Watch old, cheesy scary movies on television in my fuzzy slippers and PJs, eating the good candy (read: anything chocolate) out of the bowl while waiting for trick-or-treaters to ring the doorbell. My sister found out that I would be alone on Halloween due to the kids and the hubby making plans for the Big Night and my decision to bow out gracefully in favor of a rare night on my own. Watching birds attack people and zombies invade whole towns? A whole evening downing mini Snickers bars without guilt (hello, Halloween!)? Why would anyone consider this an unfortunate circumstance? My sister decided I couldn’t be alone on Halloween and invited me to her party … great.

If you find yourself with unexpected, last-minute plans this weekend, don’t rush to the grocery store and purchase cupcakes to take to the party. Instead, have some fun with your party contribution! These party treats are quick, easy, and a guaranteed hit.

Brain cupcakes – Pipe pinkish frosting onto cupcakes in squiggly lines to look just like a brain. Cupcakes are easy to make, and these are sure to be a hit.

Kitty Litter Cake – This is just disgusting. And, during Halloween, that’s a good thing! It tastes great, but watch your fellow party-goers’ reactions when you pull the cover off of this cake! Basically, bake two box cakes. Let them cool, then crumble them up in a pan (or a brand-new, unused litter box … just make sure it is brand new to avoid making guests sick). Put some vanilla wafers (a couple of boxes) in a food processor (or crumble them up by hand). Put the most of the cookie crumbles in with the crumbled cake, and then put some dollops of prepared vanilla pudding around and gently mix it all up. Microwave some Tootsie Rolls until they are just soft (don’t over-cook them). Mold them to look like kitty poo and push them into the cake. Sprinkle the remainder of the cookie crumbles over the top.

Cups of Dirt with Worms – This is super easy – chocolate pudding, mashed-up Oreo cookies, and gummy worms. Even if you’ve never cooked in your life, you can make this Halloween treat.

Graveyard Brownies – Bake a batch of brownies, frost them, and then decorate the top portion of some oval-shaped cookies (such as Nutter Butter cookies) to look like gravestones. Stick the undecorated part of the cookies into the brownies. Put some coconut in a plastic bag and add a drop or two of green food coloring. Mix it together, then add some around each headstone to look like grass.

Even though the invitation came a little late, don’t make excuses – make dessert instead!