Last-Second Valentine’s Day Ideas

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Festive place setting for Valentines day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! If you just groaned and smacked your forehead, you’re not alone. Valentine’s Day is easy to forget — especially when it falls during the week, when you’re busy with meetings, conference calls, and shuffling kids around from school to soccer practice to music lessons. But even if you haven’t planned a single thing, you still have time to fix that.

First, go to (Yes, right now!) has gift cards that you can print or e-mail to your sweetie. If you’ll be seeing her (or him) later, print it out and deliver it in person. It may not have the big romantic “wow” factor, but your special someone will love the fact that they get to pick out exactly what they want and have it delivered to their door.1909 Valentine Card

Put the printed gift card inside the pretty, romantic greeting card you purchased for your valentine. Oh, you forgot about that, too, did you? No worries – American Greetings will allow you to print a personalized card without having to dash out to the store. Problem solved!

Now, plan a romantic evening. Yes, even if it’s during your workweek! Even if it’s just a romantic movie on Netflix, your valentine will appreciate a romantic night in – no fighting crowds at restaurants, then racing across town to get to the movie theater on time.

Order dinner in from her (or his) favorite restaurant – if they deliver, great, and if not, choose a place you’ll drive by on your way home from work and pick it up. Easy, and no one will have to cook.

Pink Roses

Finally, read up on the meaning of flowers. Stop by a roadside vendor on the way home (or stop at the grocery store) and choose flowers based on their meanings. You’ll get a much more interesting arrangement, and you can write the meaning of each flower in the card (red tulips = love, pansies = loving thoughts, orchids = beauty).

Now that you have an arsenal of last-minute gift ideas, there’s no excuse for not showing your special someone that you care.