Lighten Up, It’s Spring

Author: Alecia Pirulis

At the end of the day, after you’ve enjoyed the sunshine of this first spring day and you’ve attempted the rather futile ritual of trying to stand a raw egg on end, it may occur to you (as it has me) that … oh, wow. It’s spring. It’s time to put the baggy sweaters away … and drag out the sundresses, shorts, and sleeveless tops. Oh, my.

If, like me, you balance out short, cold days with warm, delicious comfort food … you may be realizing that winter has not been kind to your figure – especially if you tend to “hide out” in winter and don’t get a lot of exercise (again … me). And guys aren’t immune to this problem, either. My husband managed to gain weight right along with me this winter, and (while it will be easier for him to lose), he is also concerned about shaping up in time for “pool weather.”

Now is the best time to lose that winter weight. The weather is still cool enough to get out and go for a walk, jog, and take the dog to the local park. Carve out some time in the morning or after work to get in a quick workout in your apartment complex gym. If you can split your lunch hour at work and spend half of it eating and the other half walking, that will sneak in some exercise, as well. If you don’t mind a slight looking-silly-at-work factor, you can also work out at your desk.

Spring is a great time to diet because of all the fresh fruits and veggies available. Find a local farmer’s market and make it a weekend thing. Being outdoors, handling freshly-picked produce, and selecting items at their peak of flavor will make cooking with them an exciting adventure instead of a necessary chore. It’s also time to put the grill back to work and grill up some fish and chicken to have with your fresh-from-the-farmer’s-market salads.

Get in the right frame of mind by doing a little shopping. Some new clothing items for spring will help motivate you and give you a fresh perspective. Clean out your closet using the rule, “if you didn’t use it, toss it.” If an entire winter went by and you never took that green sweater off the hanger, it’s time to ditch it. The items that are left can get placed in storage bins and placed on a shelf or even under the bed. Bring your spring and summer items out of storage and go through them, as well. Toss anything that looks worn, dated, or ill-fitting.