My Summer for a Lake

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Lake Powell

Even though we’ve just returned from our summer vacation, the heat wave we found ourselves coming home to has me thinking of the quiet, cool lakes in the North Georgia mountains. Waterfalls, hidden coves, tiny islands, and beautiful sunsets would be the perfect escape from the blazing-hot reality of Atlanta in July. I don’t know if I can convince the crew to pack it up and head out yet again so soon after our New York trip, but I’m determined to find myself near water before autumn sets in.

If you find that seaside resorts and tourist-crowded beaches are too expensive or not appealing, a trip to a lake may be the ideal solution for your summer getaway. And, the perfect lake is never very far away. Just in my area, we have several nice lakes to choose from (Lake Allatoona, Lake Lanier, and Carter’s Lake are my three favorites). With so many options, the lakes tend to be less crowded and visited mostly by local residents.

While you can easily find a lake within reach no matter where you live, there are some that are well-worth the drive. If you have time for a week-long vacation or even just a long weekend getaway, here are some amazing lake locations to choose from:

Lake Tahoe: This is a year-round destination that can’t be topped. In the winter, amazing skiing, sledding, and ice-skating opportunities exist. But in the summer, Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous collection of rafting, swimming, boating, and water-skiing. The beaches are spectacular and the surrounding areas offer everything from fine dining to shopping to casinos.

Lake Michigan: The Great Lakes region is amazing, and Lake Michigan is on my New Favorite Places list because of my recent Chicago trip – even though it was freezing in December, I could easily imagine the lake in the summertime. Plus, who can resist shopping, dining, and sight-seeing in Chicago?

Flathead Lake: I’ve always wanted to visit Montana and I haven’t had the opportunity yet. The beauty of this lake and the surrounding mountains has me thinking it would definitely be worth the trip.

Lake Powell: This is my number-one dream lake destination. Located between Arizona and Utah, this stunning reservoir is surrounded by the stark peaks and the chiseled red sandstone of the canyon. Yes, there’s boating, fishing, and water sports galore, but what I’m most interested in is seeing the sunrise in such a striking landscape.

It can be a quick weekend, a Saturday afternoon lazing on a boat, or a trip to one of the country’s most spectacular lakes. My sunscreen is packed and I’m ready to go – now all I have to do is convince the husband and kids that we can always squeeze in one more summer getaway.