Nautical Touches for Your Apartment Decor

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Coastal Twist to Your Home Decor

Coastal Twist to Your Home Decor (Photo credit: mattwalker69)

Happy National Caviar Day! (Yes, it really is.) In honor of this (ahem!) special day, you might want to consider adding a few nautical touches to your apartment. After all, you’ll want to pretend you are on a yacht in the Caribbean when you are sampling your caviar – or your tuna salad. Here are some ways to add a splash of the nautical to your space:

Decorate in shades of blue and white. Think about adding a blue slipcover over your couch and then adding a few accent pillows. Look for material with a subtle nautical pattern – anchors or a pattern that resembles ocean waves. Rope is a great accent – use it as tiebacks for your curtains, as drawer pulls, or use it to hang pictures of seascapes.

Sailboats are great – look for unique designs (stylized or modern versions) to keep your space feeling modern and fresh rather than themed or kitschy. A sleek metal sailboat on the fireplace mantel, for example, would look great. Ships-in-bottles, lighthouses, flotation devices, ship’s wheels, nautical flags, and statues of shore birds are also unique accent pieces.

If you have an old dresser or side table that you’d like to update (or you find a great one at a garage sale or thrift store), try this reverse stencil idea – place a decal of a ship or anchor on the front of the dresser, paint the dresser white or light blue. (If you are using a dresser or table with drawers, you may want to tape around the inside track with painter’s tape to keep paint from getting into the openings). Then, slowly and carefully peel off the stencil (the paint should still be tacky).

Fishermen’s nets will add a definite nautical theme to your apartment. But while you want a nautical look, you aren’t going for the seafood restaurant look – so you might not want to hang it corner-to-corner and fill it with starfish and seashells. Instead, use it on a long side table as a runner, or go ahead and hang it from the wall, but let it fall straight down. If you are decorating a child’s room in a nautical theme, then go ahead and hang the net corner-to-corner and use it to hold stuffed animals and other toys.

Oars are great because they are nautical, but they can easily double for storage – paint one white, add hooks, and hang it horizontally in your entry way as a coat rack. Do the same in the bathroom for a towel rack. Or, put one in the kitchen and use it to hang pots and pans you want to display. In the living room, a pair of oars on the wall is instant artwork.

Start looking for vintage maps. When you find one, frame it and hang it on the wall. Soon, you’ll have a great grouping of interesting artwork with some history behind them. Globes are also great. A collection of different sized globes will liven up a bookcase or end table. If you can find unique or vintage globes – even better.

Don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors in – if you find a great collection of buoys, for example, they can be cleaned up and set in front of your fisherman’s net for a great look. If you find something made for outdoors – a wood-carved pelican or a teak table – it will look great in your living room.

No matter where you live, a few nautical touches will add a coastal feel to your apartment – perfect for the hot days of late summer.