Old Man Winter’s Dog Days

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Winter Day

After the festive wrapping paper, red and green ribbons, sparkling tinsel, glitzy high heels, champagne glasses, and noisemakers have been tossed about like confetti then packed carefully away and stored until next year, the long, dark, frosty days of winter truly take hold. From January second until the first tulip blooms in April, there isn’t a lot to distract us from the winter chill.

Don’t let the dog days of winter get you down – resist the urge to hibernate until spring and resolve to do something new and exciting this winter – even if it is just learning your grandmother’s chocolate-chip cookie recipe. A project is always a great distraction from the weather. I like to redecorate so I’m exploring antique stores and indoor flea markets for hidden treasures I can fix up and re-use. There are some definite needs I’ve discovered this winter, such as more storage and a coat rack. Pick something you’d like to find and make it your winter mission – antique tea towels to frame for your kitchen or make into pillows for your couch, for example.

If you prefer to get out of your apartment, plan a long weekend at a nearby cabin, spa, or ski resort. A comfortable mountain lodge and a warm fire will go a long way to breaking the monotony of long, winter days. Or, head to a warm location – a quick trip to Florida or Southern California can help you recharge and face the rest of the winter with warm memories of surf and sunshine.

Plan a party! Gather friends for a dinner party. A progressive dinner party with your neighbors is a fun way to get out of your apartment without actually leaving the building – have one neighbor host the hors d’oeuvres, another the salad, and so on through dessert. Or host a wine-tasting party. Organize a game night with family and friends. Learn to play a new card game such as poker or bridge, then get a group of friends together and take turns hosting the game night, complete with food and drinks.

Don’t let ice, snow, and freezing temperatures get you down! Instead, use it as an opportunity to survey your space and make some changes, find a project, plan a great getaway, or bond with family and friends over new games and great food.