Outdoor Apartment Decorations for Halloween

Author: Alecia Pirulis


It’s getting close to the end of October and that means one thing: trick or treat night. If your apartment has a trick or treat night, then make sure to decorate the outside. This will let all of the little monsters know that you’ve got treats, and not to trick you. Here are some tips to help get the outside of your apartment into the Halloween spirit.

The Classics

There is one decoration that you can’t go wrong with on Halloween, and that is a pumpkin. Setting some outside your door, but making sure to not block the hallway, is a great way to give your apartment a festive fall look. You can even carve them into jack-o-lanterns and light them using a flameless candle. If you don’t have time to go pick and carve your own pumpkin, then a plastic one will work just fine.

Door Space

This is probably the area outside of your apartment that you have the most creative freedom with. There truly are a lot of ways to decorate this: it is quite literally a blank canvas. A simple way to dress your door up for trick or treat night is to hang a ghost or skeleton from the top of it. Another simple but effective solution is a fall-themed wreath hung on the front. Although it may lack the spook-factor that the ghost and skeleton might have, it adds a nice homey touch to your entryway.

For the particularly artsy people out there, one way to decorate is to take construction paper, maybe black, and attach it to the door to create background. You can then cut out several different shapes like bats, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and much more to tape to the background. The great thing about these decorations is that they are easy to clean up: just pull down the construction paper, roll it up, and throw it out or recycle it. Other simple solutions include putting up spider webs or black and orange door fringe.

The Center Piece

You of course can’t neglect the show-stopper: the candy bowl. It’s what every superhero, ghost, and princess is out looking for on Halloween night, so make sure it’s fully stocked. There are plenty of fun candy bowls out there ranging from simple plastic pumpkins to ones with fake hands that lower when the bowl is touched.