Foodie Friday: Chicken Parmesan

Author: Lauren Ross

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Hey everyone! It’s Foodie Friday which also happens to coincide with #NationalPasta day! For tonight’s recipe, we are making simple yet delicious chicken parmesan, strawberry and walnut salad, and cheesecake with warm strawberry drizzle. This dish will be a favorite in your family and the kids will be begging for more.

Dinner Ingredients: Chicken breasts ● 2 eggs ● Italian style bread crumbs ● 4 tbsp. butter ● Red sauce ● Mozzarella cheese ● White cooking wine ● *Basil (if desired) ● Spaghetti noodles

Rolls ● Fresh spinach ● Dried cranberries ● Feta cheese ● Walnuts ● Raspberry Vinaigrette ● Strawberries

Dessert Ingredients: Cheesecake ● Strawberries ● Sugar

Chicken Parmesan: Cut chicken breasts into halves and set to dry for 15 minutes while whisking the eggs. Coat the chicken cutlets with the egg, then coat with breadcrumbs until you see a nice even layer on both sides. Melt butter in a skillet and place chicken on high heat for 2-5 minutes then flip and brown for additional 2-5 minutes. Pour some red sauce and a splash of cooking wine into the skillet, cover, and set on low for 7 minutes. Flip chicken and repeat. Add remainder of sauce and garnish with mozzarella and basil. Cook noodles al dente style.

Chicken Parmesean
Serve with your favorite glass of wine and enjoy!


Side: Strawberry and Walnut Spinach Salad

In a bowl add spinach, cranberries, feta cheese, walnuts, and cut strawberries. Add vinaigrette dressing and mix with salad spoons.

Dessert Drizzle:

CheesecakeCut a handful of strawberries in quarters and spray skillet with non-stick Pam. Put on low heat while adding 1 tbsp. of sugar – you may need to eye the amount to your preference. Wait until the strawberries begin to perspire and apply more sugar as needed for about 5-10 minutes. Serve over cheesecake.