Practical Solutions for Storing Meal Delivery Kit Recipe Cards

Author: Lauren Ross


Are meal delivery kits the new takeout? It seems to be – especially for busy families and working adults who seek a home-cooked meal rather than stopping by a drive-thru on the way home. According to Business Insider, customers of services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron are spending less money at the grocery store and eating out at restaurants.

The concept, a chef-inspired meal delivered to your door, that includes fresh ingredients precisely measured out, is brilliant. The convenience of a diverse diet and food delivered to my home had me hooked instantly.

Inside every box are recipe cards. After being a long-term subscriber, cards begin to accumulate, leaving you to scramble for kitchen storage. There’s no need to stuff them behind the coffee pot or continue stacking them inside a cabinet with space that’s already hard to come by. Use these tips to store your meal delivery kit recipe cards in a practical way.

Bind Cards into a Cookbook

Because the recipe cards are made up of card stock, they’ll last a lot longer than your typical printouts. You can easily create a cookbook for your kitchen with a hole punch and decorative binder. In an effort to save space on your counter or bookshelf, only add your favorite recipes and recycle the rest.

Go Digital

Going digital is not only beneficial for those living with minimal space, but it’s also good for the environment. Websites like My CookBook Online allow users to add, store and manage recipes on a cloud-based system. These recipes are also easily shareable – and you can filter through the dish recipes to locate your favorites. Your meal service provider may give the option to select an online-only delivery of your recipe cards as well.

Subscribing to a meal kit delivery service is an excellent choice for those with incredibly busy lifestyles that seek a healthier alternative to eating out. The process is easy to set up, and the food is delivered to your apartment per your delivery date request. There’s even an option to “skip” the week when you know you’ll be out of town.

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