Preparing Kids for First Day Back in Class

Author: Lauren Ross


School is almost back in session, which means parents and kids have a lot of preparation to do before the new academic year. As the first-day back approaches, make sure you’ve started on these tasks so your student is fully prepared going back to class.

Have clothes laid out the night before.

We all know that when you don’t lay your clothes out the night before, chaos arises and your mornings become hectic and rushed. Advise your child to put out his or her clothes the night before. That way, you won’t be running to the bus stop in panic mode while trying to get your child dressed.

Confirm the lunch plan.

Before sending your student off to school, make sure they know the lunch plan. Are they bringing their own lunch from home, or eating a meal prepared in the cafeteria? Do they know their lunch number to order food? Have these established prior to the first day.

Memorize the class schedule.

Attending the school’s open house/orientation is an excellent way to make sure your child has his or her schedule down pat. Walk to the classes so they can see where they’re located within the building. Make sure they keep a copy of the schedule in their book bag, but also suggest to write it down in their agenda.

Book bags are filled with school supplies.

There’s nothing worse than arriving unprepared into a new classroom. With your child, go through the school-supplied checklist of all your back-to-school essentials.

Confirm transportation plan.

It’s important your student knows how they will be transported each day to-and-from school. Confirm with the school your child’s bus stop, bus number, bus route, and who has permissions to pick up and drop off your child. If you need to update the permissions, do so by calling the school or go online.