Protect Your Rental from Intruders and Theft

Author: Lauren Ross


When you live in an apartment, you do everything you can to protect your home and family. Unfortunately in today’s society, home break-ins are becoming more frequent.

To combat home burglaries and intrusions, here are some tips to protect your rental home.

Reinforce Your Doors

A tightly-secured locking system on your exterior doors can help keep your family, home, and valuables safe. When you are at home, check the handles and locks for loose knobs and inefficiencies.

If a knob seems to jiggle, or there’s give to the door after pushing it while in the “lock” position – immediately contact the leasing office or property manager to get it fixed asap.  This would be a great opportunity to request having a deadbolt installed on your door, if you don’t already have one.

Install a Home Security System

A home intrusion is committed every thirteen seconds across the nation. According to Safeguard the World, only 17 percent of homes have a security system set in place.

Home alarms can greatly increase the chance of a burglar – or band of burglars – getting caught doing the crime, and then being identified by police. You want peace of mind knowing your family is safe at home, so consider installing one at the main entry point of your apartment. There are also some incredibly handy window systems to consider.

Keep Valuables Safe

Whatever you consider valuable inside your home, a safe is a great way to keep it protected from theft. Many safes are also fireproof and waterproof, which is added protection. Here are some things you might consider adding to your apartment safe:


2. Family Heirlooms

3. Important Documents, such as a marriage certificate or social security card

4. Wedding or Family Pictures

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed While Away

To keep others from snooping in your windows while you’re away from home, always close the blinds and curtains – especially if you are on a ground- or garden-level apartment. It can be very easy for someone to simply glance inside a home when the blinds and curtains are open, so be sure you close them when leaving the apartment, even if it’s only for a couple of hours.