Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep

Author: Alecia Pirulis

New Year's Day Postcard from 1909

New Year’s Day postcard from 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How are those resolutions going? Have you quit smoking? How’s the diet going? Have you been to the gym this week? If the answer is “yes,” good for you! For the rest of us, well, how about some new resolutions for 2013 … some that might be a little more attainable?

Here are five resolutions you’ll want to keep – choose one or two and leave the guilt of broken resolutions behind!

1. Add some color to your apartment (or wardrobe).

Pantone’s hot new color of the year has been announced, and it is emerald! This great color will go well with that tangerine you added last year, so go ahead and add a touch or two to your apartment. Find a throw pillow, a chair, paint a wall, a coffee table, or spray-paint those old candlesticks. If you’d rather add it to your wardrobe, find a great accessory such as a scarf or handbag. Guys can show off their fashion sense with a great shirt or necktie.

2. Make friends with your neighbors!

Do you just wave and say “hello” as you pass your neighbors in the hallway? Wouldn’t it be great to have a neighbor you could trust – or even hang out with? Make a point to get to know those living around you this year. Plan a dinner party and invite them over – or perhaps host a cocktail party. If you know three or four people in your building already, plan a progressive dinner and ask everyone to invite one person or couple they know in the building. Apartment buildings are great for progressive dinners because everyone can walk together from one location to the next – no cars required.

3. Champion a charity.

Have you thought about joining the WWF but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to help out with Meals on Wheels. Have you considered being a Big Brother or Big Sister? Make 2013 the year you get involved with a charity – there are plenty to choose from, so find a cause you are passionate about and make this year a rewarding one.

4. Find a hobby.

If playing Angry Birds on your cell phone is your only hobby, make 2013 the year you finally try that one thing you’ve always wanted to – whether it’s learning to bake or crochet, collecting stamps, taking up woodworking or Zumba – stop thinking, “I’ll try that one of these days!” and do it.

5. Plan a trip!

Is there one place you’ve always wanted to visit – or even several places? Whether it is a state park, a great city, or an exotic, foreign location, start planning your trip now! If money is holding you back from taking your Dream Vacation, try the $5 savings trick: every time you find a $5 bill in your wallet, take it out and put it in an envelope and hide it away. You won’t miss it, and at the end of the year you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve managed to set aside. Keep it up long enough and that dream trip may become a reality. Hello, Fiji!

It isn’t too late to make resolutions you can keep. Think about what you really want to accomplish this year and make a plan to get it done. Share what you hope to accomplish in 2013 with us on Facebook!