Throw a Rocking NYE Party in Your Rental

Author: Lauren Ross

Happy New Year Celebration Supplies On White

The holidays are wrapping up, and New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching. You may have considered going out to a club downtown or watching the ball drop up close, but with the cold weather and club tickets being outrageously expensive, you waive the idea. If you want to celebrate with friends, but not sure what to do, why not host a NYE bash in your apartment? It’s convenient, and you can make the evening more special by getting creative with the decorations, food, party favors, and more.

Image Credit: Celebrations

Image Credit: Celebrations

Preparation for your NYE shindig will take work, but it doesn’t need to be hard work- just a little bit of creative planning! The first item on your list should be to decide on a New Year’s Eve party theme. A good theme will set the ambiance of any party and provide guests with an unforgettable experience. The theme should be fun, unique, and accommodated to your guests. What do I mean by this? The guests will be a big factor in determining the party’s theme. A friend group with a silly disposition will probably enjoy a decade’s party or black light party with house music and dancing; meanwhile, a friend group that prefers an elegant affair may enjoy a masquerade or black & gold event with an abundance of bubbly and party favors. The party’s theme will set the stage for the entire gathering, so it is important to pick a theme everyone will enjoy and appreciate.

As mentioned previously, the guests you invite over to your apartment is very important. Before you finalize the list, ask yourself these series of questions: Will I invite everyone in all my social circles? Will these people get along with one another? Do I want a more intimate gathering? This way you have an idea of whom and how many you want to invite. When it comes to the guest list, I recommend inviting party-goers that already know each other. This way you can avoid guest introductions and get right into the activities. If space is an issue, you may want to keep the list under 10 people. With more guests, the space may start to feel cramped.

When finalizing the food menu for your party, think small. Bite-size appetizers are really all you need unless you are throwing a dinner party. A meat and cheese plate, sliders, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, margarita flatbread, or a homemade spinach and artichoke dip with pita bread are just some of the many selections you can choose to serve New Year’s Eve. Finger foods and apps work delightfully at any party and won’t be a hassle on your wallet. They are easy to eat and you can make them festive with the right plating and cutlery. Don’t forget about the bubbly and drinks! To save time and money, ask your guests to bring a bottle of champagne each so you don’t run out. For guests that prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, have a stash of sparkling cider on hand so they can partake in the countdown toast.

Now that you have your theme picked, the guest list accounted for, and the food selected, it’s time to work on the rest! Before the clock strikes midnight, you are going to have a few hours to spare. Have a variety of games planned that lead up to the grand finale. Yes, you can have a selection of board games available, but why not try a New Year’s resolution game? With these downloadable cards from RealSimple, your guests can get into the fun of New Year’s by guessing who-wrote-what for their New Year’s resolution – How fun is that? Make sure you have a good NYE playlist as well. Having your guests get up and dance will really get the party going and make it a memorable experience for all. Before the countdown commences, give yourself a heads up by setting a timer on your watch or cell phone. When the time does come, grab your guests, your drink, and celebrate as the ball drops; and toast to a happy and successful New Year!

Safety Note: When the party begins to wind down, ask anyone who has been drinking to stay over. Keeping extra blankets and pillows will come in handy for guests who decide to spend the night, or offer to call a cab.