Romantic Touches for Your Apartment Decor

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Vintage interior decoration. pink pastel closet. Dry anf fresh flowers on wooden table. A large clock on a white wall.

Bright bouquets of flowers adorn storefront windows while cheery paper hearts tumble down the glass in a haphazard cascade of pink and red. The storefronts only hint at the landscape inside, where the stuffed animals, trinkets, heart-shaped boxes of candy, and cards embellished with romantic quotes assail the patrons who enter this gilded forest of romance and love that signifies the imminent arrival of Valentine’s Day.

You are probably not wandering through these overwhelmingly sweet displays of pink hearts and flowers and thinking, “Gee, I want this in my apartment!” But you may be inspired to bring a little romance into your space. Romantic decorating is very popular right now, so why not be inspired by the upcoming holiday?

A vase of flowers on your dining room table or in a pitcher on a side table will instantly warm up your apartment, so begin by adding a fresh arrangement or two. You don’t have to stick with red and pink roses. Instead, choose flowers in colors that fit into your décor, such as soft white, pale yellow, or lavender.

Romantic décor involves vintage, shabby-chic, or antique furniture. The great thing about this is the money you can save by finding older, used items rather than buying new. This type of decorating is all about the hunt – for the ideal end table, the perfect dresser, a one-of-a-kind bookcase … you may have to search through a lot of junk at a variety of garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets, but when you discover that perfect item, it is all worth it.

A mirrored piece of furniture can add a little glitz and romance, so find a spot in your apartment for a small, mirrored side table. If you can’t find a mirrored table or they are too expensive, you can still have the look – just paint a table with a metallic paint to give it a shimmery glow. Or, hang a few decorative mirrors around your apartment – you can create an attractive wall display by hanging several small mirrors of different sizes and shapes together in a grouping.

When decorating in romantic style, think warm and cozy – an overstuffed, slip-covered chair, pillows and throws, plush area rugs, muted colors and floral designs, and soft lighting in the form of chandeliers and curvy lamps.

While there are feminine elements to romantic style, it isn’t a decorating style that is just for women. Men can add a few romantic touches to their apartments, as well. Dark wood, for example, is warm and inviting and fits perfectly into romantic décor. Patterned fabrics in stripes and muted tones of browns and blues all work well for a romantic effect while still retaining a masculine appearance.

Splurge on small luxuries, such as a towel warmer in the bathroom, a cashmere throw on the couch, silk or satin sheets for your bed, a great sound system, an antique headboard, or that amazing French cutlery from your favorite gourmet store. Even if you have to save up for it, getting that one special item for your apartment will make you feel pampered – and isn’t that what romance is all about?